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PPR pipe for water supply

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PPR pipes are manufactured from Polypropylene Random Copolymer raw material. The most important feature of PPR that distinguishes it from the others is that it could also be used in hot water systems besides being used in sanitary networks.

· Easy to weld

· Fast installation

· Installation without scrap

· Low costs

· At 20°C it stands up to PN25

· 50 years of service life is guaranteed

· Can be used at 95°C

· No corrosion

· No decrease in diameter due to reactions with minerals

· Doesnt contaminate drinking water with corrosion

· No crack formation due to ice under 0°C

· Depending on its elastic structure can be installed easily in hard positions

· Could be carried easily because of its weight being 1 8th of its metal substitute

· Enables to load trucks more and creates savings in terms of cost


The product is used at the sanitary lines of the buildings. Because of its endurance against hot water it could be used in heating systems and their state without the folio is not recommended. Momentary pressure and temperature rises may cause the pipe to explode. For these conditions Oxy-stable pipe with folio should be used.

Products are installed to the buildings according to the diameters given by the engineers. They are installed under coat or ground. The pipes are produced in 4 m lengths. With any type of fittings it could be connected with socket welding. For the transitions with the metal parts on the line fittings with metal parts are used.

Could be used in sun collector, too. Since the pressure is low at the system though it is affected by the sun, no problem occurs.

When the water inside the pipe gets frozen it doesnt exploit due to its stretching ability. However, the ice compresses the pressurized water inside the pipe as its volume increases. This compression can reach 80 bars momentarily. In this case the pipe may explode because of the pressure of the water.


· Under 0°C PP is glass-like (crystallized). It shouldnt be exposed to blows at this state. During transportation it shouldnt be carried by throwing.

· If the buildings whose installation is completed and are not going to be used throughout the winter, valves should be closed and the pressure should be taken out through opening the taps.

· Welding shouldnt be accomplished under 5°C. When the product is taken out of the welding tool it cools down fast and facial solidification occurs, since it is cold welding it doesnt resist to pressure.

· After the welding tool, the pipe and the fitting shouldnt be joined by twisting. There shouldnt be corrections being done for fixing inclination and distortation.

· If the Teflon of the welding tools are ruined, they should be replaced.


It is guaranteed for 50 years under working conditions of 20°C and 25 bars. When the fluid is hot, depending on its temperature and pressure value of usage could be obtained from the table
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