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The important role of automobile high-voltage cable in electric vehicle

Nowadays, electric vehicles are very common in society. Especially in recent years, new energy electric vehicles have made a breakthrough in sales and even have the opportunity to surpass traditional fuel vehicles. Compared with fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are special, with the characteristics of high voltage and high current. They are usually equipped with power supply systems with more than 300V and current of more than 200A. This is completely different from the traditional car only equipped with 12 / 24V power supply system. The safety measures of high-voltage distribution box, high-voltage line and connector of electric vehicle have become the safety aspects that need to be paid attention to.

High voltage line of electric vehicle refers to the component of connecting circuit formed by punching copper contact terminal (so-called connector) and wire (cable) after crimping, wrapped with plastic compression insulator or external metal shell, etc. In terms of function, there are two kinds of power lines carrying the power of driving actuator (actuator) and signal lines transmitting sensor input commands. Power lines are divided into low-voltage harness and high-voltage harness.

The traditional connector equipment has been difficult to meet the requirements of high current and high voltage. The connector of electric vehicle must be a high-power connection product. If it does not meet the requirements, the electric vehicle fire accident is inevitable. Electric vehicle connectors must be automotive grade products, and industrial grade products do not meet the requirements. The main indicators include IP grade, insulation grade, low resistance, error proofing and locking function.

So, is electric vehicles safe? Analysis on safety technology and measures of high voltage devices is electric vehicle safe or not? Analysis of safety technology and measures for high voltage devices: high voltage harness is the cable between the connectors in the electric vehicle and is a very key connector to support the safe operation of the whole vehicle. First, it is required to be shielded, have IP grade, prevent overheating or combustion. The vehicle is used in a harsh environment. If it does not meet the requirements, it is the most prone to spontaneous combustion. Therefore, electric vehicle high-voltage line plays an important role, and the quality of electric vehicle high-voltage line is very important.

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