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The visual dispenser is also called CCD visual dispenser. It realizes the dispensing operation of the product through functions such as automatic execution, automatic reset, automatic visual positioning, automatic identification and differentiation, and reduces labor and errors to a certain extent. Greatly improve work efficiency. The essence of the floor-standing visual dispenser is its control system-CCD visual inspection system, which uses industrial cameras to replace human eyes to complete the functions of identification, measurement, positioning, and discrimination. Visual inspection refers to the conversion of the captured object into an image signal through a machine vision product, which is sent to a dedicated image processing system, and converted into a digital signal based on pixel dispersion, brightness, color and other information. The image system obtains the characteristics of these signals through various operations, and then controls the on-site dispensing action based on the results. Therefore, the floor-standing visual dispenser has an inestimable role in detecting defects and avoiding defective products from being dispensed. We don't need human eyes to distinguish the machine, it will really greatly improve the production efficiency and the degree of automation of production. As a new type of high-precision and high-speed dispenser equipment, the floor-standing visual dispenser has a CCD visual inspection that can automatically position and correct, so there is no need to manually check whether the glue point is qualified, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Therefore, it provides convenience for enterprises to realize production line automation and is very popular.

I.Machine description and working principle

Automatic glue mixing and dispenser machine is mainly used for a two-component glue( Epoxy/ Silicone/PU,etc adhesive), automatic metering and mixing the ratio of glue. The glue are stored in two barrels separately, according the glue weight ratio and volume demand automatic metering by two sets of precision pump, supply to a mixing device fully mixing, and then potting/dispensing the desired products.

II.Main Function:

1.Automatic metering and mixing

2.Manual Gluing

3.Auto alarm for lack of material or full material

4.Gluing ratio and quantity adjustable

5.Auto cleaning

6.Glue tank Vacuum Defoaming (Optional)

7.Glue barrels,metering pump,glue pipe can be heating (Optional)


Model No:


Mixing Ratio

100:100-10:100(1:1-1:10) Adjustable

Metering precision


Outflow speed


Mixing precision


Mixing mode

Dynamic mixing /Static mixing

Glue Viscosity

Lower than 20000 CPS(mPa·s)

Control mode

PLC + Touch Screen

Control system

Independent R&D

Measuring mode

Stepping motor/High-precision, wear-resistant,long-life Gear pump

Working voltage

AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz

Power requirement


Air pressure requirement


Machine Dimension



approx 260 KG

Work environment

Humidity: 20%~98%RH; Temperature: 0~+40°c

Suitable Material: For waterproof, adhesive, fixed two-component adhesive.

Such as: Crystal or less additive glue --Silicone, epoxy, polyurethane(PU), etc.

Applications:LED products ,Crafts,Electronic components

Such as:Wall washer light, LED bar, LED strip, Ads module, Sensor, Photovoltaic module, Photovoltaic inverter .etc
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