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DATEM emulsifier

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As a food emulsifiers importer or user, we think you must cae for the materials choice, we are a food emulsifires producer in China, let us teach you, how to choose DATEM.

As we all known, the DATEM is a very improtant food emulsifier in the food industry, such as bakery, non-dairy creamer and so on. Firstly, we will take you be famillar with DATEM. DATEM is an ivory or straw yellow powder or granular solid which is easily soluble in hot water. It is a non-ionic emulsifier with HLB value of 8-10, now, we had researched out the new DATEM, it is liquid one, if you need them, please check our website and contact us.

It can produce strong effects such as emulsification, dispersing and aging resistance, so it can be used as good emulsifier and dispersant.
(1) It can increase the springiness, toughness and gas-holding capability of dough effectively, reduce its softening degree, increase volume of bread and steam bread, and improve their organization and structure.
(2) It can react with amylose to delay and prevent the food aging.
(3) It can be used in cream to make it smoother and finer.
(4) It can be used in butter and concentrated butter to prevent oil separating and enhance its stability.
(5) It can also be sued in sugar, syrup and spices.
(6) It can be used in non-dairy creamer to make the emulsion homogeneous , stable and supple in mouth.
(1) Put this product in warm water at about 60℃ to get paste shaped substance, and then use it in appropriate proportion.
(2) Dissolve this product in oils or fats homogeneously before further processing.
(3) Directly mix it with flour for use.
Recommended Addition Amount:
Addition maximum is 1.0% for raw dried flour products and raw wet products, while 5.0% for non-dairy creamers. The addition amount can be changed based on production need for cream and fermented milk.

Secondly, we will take you study the DATEM choice processing.

1. See the DATEM appearance, good quality powder DATEM, it is white and powderful, if you put them in a bag, take the bags, it just like water floating. Or the DATEM100%, it is good granular form, looks very cool.

2. Smell the DATEM: good quality DATEM, have the sour smell, it is the original property for DATEM, if the smell is so low, then, please check the specs.


Acid value (Calculated by KOH) / (mg/g)


Saponification value (Calculated by KOH) / (mg/g)


Total tartaric acid(W/%)


Total glycerol(W/%)


Total acetic (W/%)


Free glycerol(W/%)


Ignition residue (W/%)




Please find the specs. above.

Thirdly, Find the above items are in good order, then, please choose the DATEM , and contact with our sales manager, we will give you best quality, best price, best service to you.
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