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Offer TERX-II Capacitive instrument dielectric loss live tester

Trade Leads Details
Description: The equipment is used for the measurement of relative dielectric loss and capacitance of capacitive devices such as current transformers, transformer bushings, CVTs and coupling capacitors. It can also be used for measuring absolute dielectric loss and capacitance
1. The impedance of the sampling unit is low enough to endure the attack from 10A power current and 10KA thunder-strike current. Unique pilot-frequency self-check technology is adopted in the signal processing circuit; it will do the dynamic check for the transformer to exclude the influence from the bus harmonic components. So the equipment can accurately detect the micro current signal from 100μA-1000mA and test the voltage signal through external serial resistor.
2. Two kinds of on-line test for the dielectric loss are available: testing the dielectric loss and capacitance ratio of two capacitors with same phase, and testing the dielectric loss based on the secondary voltage of PT. Convenient for operation.
3. DSP control system is adopted, the rapid operation speed CPU and powerful and anti-interference ability make sure the equipment stable while working.
4.Perfect electromagnetic shielding and advanced digital processing technology to ensure the test result from harmonic and pulse interference with±0.05% accuracy.
5. Internal lead-acid battery after fully charged can work for 8 hours even there is no power supply at the worksite.
Technical data:
1.Display: LCD screen, suitable for outdoor use.
Charging power supply: AC220V, 50±1Hz
Charging time: about 12hs
2.Testing range & accuracy
Current test:
Testing range: Ix=100μA~1000mA
Testing accuracy:±(0.5%+1dgt)
Voltage test:
Testing range: Vn=3V~300V
Testing accuracy:: ±(0.5%+1dgt)
Dielectric loss:
Testing range: Tanδ=-200%~200%
Testing accuracy: ±0.05%
Capacitance ratio:
Testing range: Cx:Cn=1:1000~1000:1
Testing accuracy: ±(0.5%C +1dgt)
Testing range: Cx=10pF~0.5μF
Testing accuracy: ±(0.5%C+2pF)
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  • Telephone0086-312-3180238
  • AddressNo. 1 Building, University Science Park, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China