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Cinnamaldehyde for flavors and fragrances

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Main application:
Application of cinnamaldehyde in medicine
1. Sterilization and antiseptic, especially for fungi.
2. Anti-ulcer, strengthen the stomach&intestinal motility.
3. Promote fat decomposition.
4. Antiviral effect.
5. Dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.
6. Commonly used in external medicine and synthetic medicine.

Application of cinnamaldehyde in chemical industry
1.Organic chemical synthesis. Used in the synthesis of α-bromocinnamaldehyde, cinnamic acid, cinnamyl alcohol, cinnamonitrile and other products.
2. In the industry, it can also be used as developer and experimental reagent.
3. It’s applied to insecticides, insect repellents, refrigerator deodorants, preservatives, etc.

Application in flavors and fragrances
As a hydroxy acid-containing fragrant compound, cinnamaldehyde has a good aroma holding effect, and is used as a fragrant raw material in the scenting, so that the main fragrance is more fragrant. It is often used as a fixative because it has a higher boiling point than other organic materials with similar molecular structures. As the Synthetic flavors and fragrances, it’s also often used in soap flavors to prepare flavors such as hazelnuts, frangipani, lily of the valley, and rose. It can be used in apple, cherry, and fruit flavors in food flavors.

Application on feed
Cinnamaldehyde is different from general growth promoters in that it can actually increase the storage of nitrogen in animals (about 7%). Nitrogen is the main component of synthetic animal muscle cells, so it has improved carcass quality. Positive impact.
Cinnamaldehyde can strengthen intestinal motility, promote gastric juice secretion, enhance digestive function, and increase animal food intake; cinnamaldehyde has good anti-mildew bactericidal effect, and added cinnamaldehyde feed, which can be preserved for a long time without mold, no Discoloration and odor; cinnamaldehyde as a fragrance, its own unique flavor can improve the animal's desire to eat, adding cinnamaldehyde feed, no need to add other spices and attractants.

Application in anti-corrosion
After being soaked in a cinnamaldehyde solution, betel nut can be sold in the open air without any packaging and will not deteriorate for a long time. As a preservative, cinnamaldehyde can not only greatly extend the shelf life, but also degrade into the nutrients required by the human body after entering the human body, which is harmless to the human body. Cinnamaldehyde not only enhances the medicinal properties of betel nut, but also makes betel nut more pure, its characteristic cinnamon aroma, and enhances the taste of betel nut.

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