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Sunflower Seed Huller

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TFKH1500 type sunflower shelling and sorting unit is widely used in sunflower seed production. Since its appearance in 2009, it has been highly praised by sunflower processing enterprises and exported to many countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. It has passed the EU CE certification. It is an ideal choice for sunflower seed processing at home and abroad.

Main features:
1. The design of multiple shellers and wide screen surface improves the efficiency of shelling and separation.
2. Through the frequency conversion technology, the speed of the sheller is controlled, so that the raw materials of different humidity and varieties can be processed reasonably.
3. The sunflower seeds that are not separated once enter the next shelling cycle through the wind return device, which improves the degree of automation.

Equipment composition Feeding hopper, straight-line impurity remover, bucket elevator, four off main engine, check machine (3 sets), suction return device, receiving hopper, electric control cabinet (see the figure below for details)

main parameter
Power: 13.10kw (three-phase 380V)
Processing capacity of raw materials: 0.8-1.0t/h
Whole kernel rate: more than 90% (less than 1 / 2 of whole kernel is broken kernel) Net removal rate: over 95-98%
Kernel loss: about 0.3%
Equipment size (length, width and height) 12.9m × 2.8m × 3.9m
Weight: 5.5t

The utility model belongs to an agricultural product shelling device, in particular to a sunflower seed sheller.
In the prior art, centrifugal collision shelling device is often used for shelling of sunflower seeds. This kind of shelling device is mainly composed of the main shaft, impeller, motor and collision cylinder. It adopts vertical transmission structure. Its impeller is installed above the main shaft or directly on the shaft end of the motor. The motor or main shaft and impeller are installed in the collision cylinder. There is also an upper hopper in the plane center of the upper cover of the collision cylinder. The sunflower seeds fall into the center of the impeller from the upper hopper After the impeller rotates and accelerates, it is thrown to the colliding cylinder and collides with the inner wall of the colliding cylinder to realize the purpose of shelling. The problems of the shelling device are as follows: 1. The collision cylinder is cylindrical, the running direction of the sunflower seeds thrown by the impeller is perpendicular to the cylinder wall, and the sunflower seeds after collision and reflection collide with the subsequent sunflower seeds, or the previous sunflower seeds have not fallen yet, and the latter sunflower seeds come over, hit the previous sunflower seeds, producing crushed kernels, reducing the quality of the finished kernels. At the same time, it will affect the breaking of sunflower seed shell and reduce the rate of shelling. 2. The electric motor or the main shaft and other devices are located under the impeller. After the sunflower seeds on the inner wall of the colliding cylinder are reflected back, they have a second collision with these devices, which further increases the crushed kernels. 3. The motor is located in the collision cylinder, and its heat can not be effectively distributed, and the maintenance is not convenient. 4. The impeller blade is made of common metal, with poor wear resistance, short service life, frequent replacement and high maintenance cost.
The utility model aims to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, improve the existing centrifugal collision shelling device, and provide a sunflower seed sheller with high shelling rate, high kernel integrity rate, long service life and convenient maintenance.
The utility model is realized in such a way that it has a colliding cylinder and an impeller in the colliding cylinder. The special feature of the utility model is that a hollow shaft is welded on the impeller cover of the impeller, the hollow shaft is connected with the motor through the transmission device, the motor is installed outside the colliding cylinder, and there is no object under the impeller.
There is also a cone-shaped collision ring in the collision cylinder, which guides the sunflower seeds thrown out by the impeller.
In order to improve the wear resistance of impeller, a ceramic blade is installed between the upper cover and the lower cover of impeller.
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