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water jetting and glass cutting by garnet sand 80mesh

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Best abrasive sand garnet mesh 80

Our company has a deep understanding of the characteristics of the original garnet ore. Based on the principle of gravity separation and magnetic separation, we have established two water-type production lines, which adopt advanced washing and dedusting and drying technology. After multiple stages of gravity separation and magnetic separation, we have achieved three high and one low: high cleanliness, high dryness and high purity;Low impurity content

Why choose Sicheng Abrasives garnet sand

1. Sharp edge

Sicheng Abrasives of garnet water knife sand from the hard rock mine, and after many times carefully broken, more sharp sharp Angle, more sharp edge toughness, cutting speed, smooth cut. Sicheng Abrasives garnet sand is a cost effective abrasive with high hardness.Sicheng Abrasives garnet sand is low dust matter, pollution is small.

2. Sicheng Abrasives garnet water knife sand with excellent quality

Sicheng Abrasives garnet is darker, harder, tougher, faster cutting speed, smoother cutting surface, vertical.

3. Advanced technology

Sicheng Abrasives of garnet water knife sand by computer controlled automatic production line, product purity is high, particle size distribution is reasonable.
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