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The manufacturer sells 5-12 scrap steel straightening machine and straightening machine for 5-10 steel straightening machine
Scrap old steel straightening machine, machine straightening machine is artificial more than 20 times, have the characteristic of saving time and energy, waste old steel and steel straightening machine to turn waste into treasure, the good assistant that makes a fortune!
Used bar straightening machine parameter:
Straightening range: 5 - Φ Φ 12 mm
Productivity: 14m/min
Reducer: spake
Motor: 5.5 kw
Size: 1100 x 500 times 669mm
Bar straightening machine:
5-12 scrap steel straightening machine, is a new kind of machine, which combines the advantages and disadvantages of other old steel straightening machine,
Add a new cone guide (scrap bar, not to die, go out smoother)
2 inlet antidumping hook design (bend bars are easier to access)
Specialized sharp steel cutting device to cut off more durable
More reasonable inlet outlet assembly design, adjustment is more convenient
Improved global detail design, lower voice, lower energy consumption, and easier operation!
The main features of the machine:
High efficiency, no bayonet, automatically transfers 80 cm above the scrap steel or short steel one-time straightening, and high safety coefficient, compact structure, convenient operation, the renewal of the traditional straightening machine to replace the product, and also the choice of smart people waste steel industry.
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