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SY-1 oil-displacing agent hot selling

Post Time2015-07-15 05:18:01UTC

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SY-1 oil-displacing agent
Appearance: light yellow or yellow brown liquid
PH value: 7-8
Effective content: 80%
Surface tension:(0.1-0.3%aqueous solution mN/m)≦30
Oil and water surface tension:(0.1-0.3%aqueous solution mN/m)10-2 ~10-3
Function features:
1. High temperature resisting, salinity resisiting low pollution, low damage, easy to operate, flooding, strong function and other characteristics.
2. Reduce the oil / water interfacial tension, effectively reduce the oil / water interfacial tension between 10-2 to 10-3 mN / m, the ultra-low state, thereby greatly reducing or eliminating the formation capillary action, reducing the stripping of crude oil needed to stick attached to the power, to improve the efficiency of the wash oil.
3. Closely related to the oil displacement efficiency and rock wet ability change the wet ability of rock surface. Oil-wet surface to lead to poor efficiency of the flooding, wet surface allows the oil displacement efficiency. This product can greatly increase the wetting angle between crude oil and rock wet ability of the rock surface can become strongly hydrophilic and wetting reversal does not occur, is extremely beneficial to water flooding.
4. Emulsification. This product has strong emulsifying ability in the water-oil two-phase flow dynamic shear conditions. The rock surface adhesion of crude oil dispersion, stripping, and the formation of oil in water (O/W) emulsion, and effectively improve the oil-water two-phase mobility ratio and improve the drive for the sweep efficiency of the solution, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing oil recovery.
Main feature:
1. Injected with water
2. Can greatly improve the efficiency of wash oil, is a low-input, high output additives
3. Suitable for all oilfield polymers flooding, suitable polymer should not be injected into a small fault block oil field.
4. Oil field recovery can be increased by 10% to 25%. 5. Not ground manifold and equipment corrosion
6. Produced fluid non-toxic, no pollution to environment. (Finished more than 98%)
Product introduction:
SY-1 the high-performance displacing agent is developed for the improvement of secondary recovery and EOR recovery special surfactants, efficient and convenient way. Has excellent the applicability of Permeability, low pressure, low-yielding, high-wax oil field. Extend the oilfield period; the effect of flooding is significant. Our company's current annual output is tens of thousands of tons.
Mechanism of oil belt formation:
In the role of the goods, more and more oil droplets wash out from the rock table, move the process forward, colliding with each other, gathered merged into the oil belt; oil belt and more oil beads convergence, gather into a piece of oil column or oil walls. With the continued displacement process, the oil column or oil wall will flow to the well so as to achieve the purpose of enhanced oil recovery.
Usage and dosage:
Single well: 0.3~0.5% of the product solution with water, intermittent injection, the effectiveness of cycle: 3~4 month. Injection wells Group: continuous injection of 0.1 to 0.3% of the product solution with water, the effectiveness of cycle: 7~10 month (200 to 300 days)

Contact Information

Contact PersonLynn Lu
AddressRoom 1202, Jincheng building, Shangyu city, Zhejiang province, China
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