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Humic acid granular

Trade Leads Details
SH9002A-5 Humic Acid Granular
1) Specification
Appearance: Black shiny granule (coated with fulvic acid)
Diameter: 2-4mm
Humic acid (dry base): 70%-75%
Organic matter (dry base): 80%-85%
NPK: 3-5%
Trace element: Ca, Mg, S, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mo
2) Package: 25kg/PP. Woven bag or 25kg/kraft paper bag

Application and Dosage:
SH9002A-5 Humic Acid Granular Coated with Fulvic Acid
Direction for use in the Agriculture
Used as base fertilizer benefit for Soil:
1. Used for field crop, 55-100kgs/ha per crop season, including all kinds of economic crops 2. Used for fruit trees, 1-3kgs per plant.
3. Used for vegetables, 2-3kg/m2.
4. Mix additive: 30-60kgs per ton of composite

Function and Benefits
SH9002A-5 Humic Acid Granular Coated with Fulvic Acid
1. Offers all the numerous benefits of humic acid in a slow-release form.
2. Slow-release humic acid can help to stabilise inputs throughout the crop cycle.
3. This product still retains the high levels of broad-spectrum minerals that were part of the ancient plants from which it was derived.
4. Humic acid is a powerful fungi promotant. Beneficial fungi are the missing link in many soils.
5. Stabilises nitrogen and improves nitrogen efficiency.
6. Complexes phosphate to reduce lock-ups.
7. Natural chelating and complexing agent to help magnify nutrient absorption.
8. Increases the permeability of cells to increase nutrient uptake by up to 40%.
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