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D2 Diesel Gas Oil L-0.2-62 GOST 305-82, HSD2

Trade Leads Details
Quantity: 30,000 MT per month minimum quantities
Payment Terms: SBLC, LC, IRDLC established by a top prime bank for 100% invoice value, payable at sight against shipping documents.
Commission: $10 per MT / $5 per BBL. End seller shall be responsible for paying commission to both parties after buyer receives commodity and buyer’s bank release fund to seller bank.
Performance Bond: 2%
Inspection: SGS or Equivalent at the loading port
1) After issuing SCO (produced by title holder) and accepted by the buyer, buyer sends ICPO in accordance to Seller working procedure.
2) Seller confirms the buyer’s ICPO by sending the draft contract and the commercial invoice related to the lift able product.
3) Buyer countersigns and returns Commercial Invoice with full banking details
4) Seller or Seller Bank sends Partial Proof of Product (PPOP) documents to buyer which consist of the below documentation upon the receipt of Buyer company profile and Registration.
a. Company Registration Certificate
b. Certificate of Origin of the Product
c. Statement of Product Availability
d. Product Quality and Quantity Report/ Passport (Dip Test Analysis Result
e. Refinery commitment to produce the product
5) Buyer change title ownership from seller’s name to buyer’s name. Upon confirmation of the issued documents. This is to enable buyer have access to the Tank Farm as the Title Owner of the stored product to conduct Dip Test before making shipping arrangement with the Tank Farm if necessary. This cost will be borne by buyer payable to the appropriate authority
6) Seller provides Dip Test Authorization (D.T.A) to Buyer
7) Buyer conducts dip test, lifts, and pays at sight via MT-103 / TT upon receipt of title to product along with Full POP
8) Seller payout intermediaries involve as per NCNDA/IMPFA
IMPORTANT NOTICE: After successful completion of the first trial shipment, the procedures for continuous production are different from the (Production Contract) procedures below for first time buyers.
1 Buyer confirms Soft Offer and issues ICPO.
2 Seller issue FCO to buyer. Buyer endorse and return FCO
3 The seller issues Draft Contract open for amendments, both parties confirm Draft Contract by endorsing it.
4 Seller registers and legalizes the Contract officially with the appropriate authorities to facilitate booking of allocation, obtaining transaction code and securing a legitimate approval for the Transfer of Ownership Title/Allocation to buyer by the relevant authorities, expenses borne by seller.
5 Seller sends hard copy of the notarized and insured PPOP documents along with the legalized Draft Contract to buyer via government courier service. The cost for processing these documents will be borne by buyer which is to be stated in the FCO. The Partial POP documents to send along with the registered/legalized Draft Contract include:
 Certificate of origin of the product
 Company registration certificate
 Statement of product availability
 Product quality passport (DIP test analysis)
 Refinery commitment to produce the product
 Refinery affidavit
6 Seller issues the Attestation Act of Transfer for buyer’s endorsement to facilitate the Transfer of Ownership Title/Allocation to buyer’s name from competent authority.
7 Upon completion of the Act of Transfer with the Ownership Title/Allocation transferred to buyer name, seller submits all documentation stating buyer as legal title holder and owner of allocation to the shipping company
8 Seller bank sends to buyer’s bank the Full Proof of Product (POP). The full POP documents includes:
 Copy of license to export issued by the department of the Ministry of Energy
 Copy of approval to export, issued by the ministry of justice
 Copy of statement of availability of the product
 Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product
 Copy of Transneft contract to transport the product to the loading port
 Copy of the port storage agreement
 Copy of the charter party agreement(s) to transport the product to discharge port
 Copy of tank receipt
 Copy of vessel questionnaire q88
 Copy of bill of lading
9 Buyer bank issue required pre-advises IRDLC, seller response by issuing the 2% PB to activate the IRDLC
10 Seller’s Bank will confirm to Seller and to Buyer that the Irrevocable Documentary Letter of Credit has been accepted and the shipping commences as scheduled in the contract for the CIF delivery.
11 Payment will be made for the product by the Buyer’s Bank via T/T MT 103 wire transfer to the Seller’s Bank after the CIQ/SGS inspection at port of discharge and the delivery to the Buyer’s Bank of all documents required by the contract. Seller releases the commission valid till 17.03.2015
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