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As parts which connect between two adjacent equipment shells, metallic compensator used for high-voltage electrical apparatus aim to adjusting and compensating displacement and extension caused by heat bilges cold shrink. Most common metallic compensator in high stress (i.e., large displacement) use under low cycle times and the metallic compensator is in low stress (small displacement) under high cycles. Due to the bracing of the combined electrical capacity is small, so design pressure balance structure is necessary, depending on the disc spring elastic force to balance the blind plate force produced by internal pressure, to reduce stress. Air tightness requirement is very high. Combination of filling medium expensive SF6 gas, air leakage in 1% or less, or will reduce the running reliability of the product, increase the frequency of notifying, even will cause outage overhaul of the system. The metallic compensator as a electrical components for the inner surface is smooth without any sharp point, otherwise you will produce discharge, influence the insulation performance of the products.


1. The compensation can compensate for more direction, significantly better than that of unitary compensation only metal compensator.

2. Compensation installation error: because in the process of the pipe connection, and the system error, fiber better compensated the installation error compensator.

3. Anechoic anti-vibration: fabrics, heat preservation cotton body itself has the function of sound absorption; vibration insulation transmission can effectively reduce boiler, fan noise and vibration of the system.

4. No reverse thrust: as the main materials for fabrics, unable to pass. With fibre compensator can simplify the design, avoid using large bearings, save a lot of materials and labor.

5. Good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, selection of fluorine plastics, organic silicon material has good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

6. Sealed performance is good: there is a perfect system of production, assembly, fiber compensator can ensure no leakage.

7. Light weight, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance

8. The quality is superior to the imported products.

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