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Electronic Potting Silicone

Post Time2014-08-14 05:56:24UTC

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Black Color PCB Electronic Potting Silicone HY 215

Applicatins for PCB Electronic Potting Silicone
this kind of silicon rubber could be applied to
- high powered electronics,
- DC/DC module and circuit board which requires heat dissipation and high temperature resistance.
-It can be broadly used for LED screen, Wind Power Generator, PCB substrate, etc.

Technical Parameters for PCB Electronic Potting Silicone
Properties index Part A Part B
Before Curing Appearence Black fluid Colorless / yellowish fluid
Viscosisty (cps) 2500±500 -
Features when operation Mixing Ratio ( By weight) 10:1
Operating Time (25C /min) 20~30
Curing time ( hr, basically cured) 3
Curing time ( hr, perfectly cured) 24
Hardness(shore A) 15+/-3

After Curing Thermal Conductivity[W( m@K)] ≥0.4
Dielectric Strength( kV/mm) ≥25
Dielectric permittivity(1.2MHz) 3.0~3.3
Volume resistivity(Ω@cm) ≥1.0×1016
Fire Resistance 94-V1

(Pls note all data of PCB Electronic Potting Silicone Rubber with black color above is in 25C with 55% humidity conditions. We dont guarantee a same date if testing under different conditions, or when data was regenerated).

Warm Tips for for PCB Electronic Potting Silicone
1. Sealing pakage for storage. The mixture should be used up at once to avoid wasting.
2. Silicone belongs to non-dangerous goods, but keep away form mouth and eyes.
3. When it gets stratified after a period of storage, Please mix HY-210# evenly before using, it does not affect the performance

Shelf Life and Transportation
1. Twelve(12) months when stored at 25C in original unopened packages.
2. This is a non-dangerous product, it can be transported as general chemicals.
3. Products exceed the storage life should be confirmed normal before using.

Technical Guidelines
1. Pls put part A and B in separate container and stir evenly before mixing the two parts together.
2. Mixing Ratio part A:part B is 10:1
3. Bubble release if necessary, deaeration the mixture under 0.08 MPa for 3 minutes.

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Contact Personsara su
AddressBuilding A, No.3, Hongling First Road, Liulian Shibi, Pingdi Street, Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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