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electronic heating device ( ptc basis) for electric vehicles air conditioner

Trade Leads Details
The PTC heater is more and more popular applied to the vehicle air conditioners. Because the driving environments are very complex,the requirements for the vehicle heaters are much stricter than the household ones .
As a ideal heating element,the ceramic PTC thermistor can serve for 100,000 hours, so it has been widely used in defroster,HVAC,air-inlet pre-heating ,battery heating,etc.

Product Information
Heating Elements :silver electrode PTC heating elements
Insulation Layer:Teflon coating polyimide film
Conducting Plate: H65 brass sheet
Heat sink: Aluminum sheet
Casing: High temperature resistant flame silicon rubber
Wire:High temperature silica gel braided wire
Stand:PPS plastic stand
Certification of material:SGS / RoHS / UL

Cartons packing

Mainly used in electric vehicles,Greenhouse, equipment cabinets, air cleaners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers,
fan heaters,dish / shoes / hands /clothes dryers, water purifiers, water fountain, foot tub, and other air conditioning,etc.

This article USES a HH-type PTC heater.

The insulated surface HH-type PTC heater is a excellent item.The aluminum
sheets are squeezed and strung into the PTC heating tube.This connection
is mechanical and tight.On the contrary,the SS-type PTC heater are glued
with silicone. Under the high temperature for long term,the silicone would
burn-in and aging,which would reduce the output power and the heat.But
the HH-type PTC heater performs better in service life and anti-aging.

Safety is the most important feature of the PTC heater.If the fan breaks down,the heat would not be fully dissipated.Then, the PTC self-limiting
character works,its power would decrease sharply,the surface temperature is self-controlled around the Curie temperature(e.g. 220℃).The heaters surface wouldnt be red as the electric heating tube.

Compared with other heating equipments, PTC heater has many advantages:
☺Self-Regulating,automatic constant temperature heating,not depend on the thermostat
☺Never glowing red, dont burn the halogen-light, safe and reliable
☺Heating quickly,higher in heating efficiency
☺Anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance,survive 15 times longer than the heating wire
☺When the voltage changes within ± 15%,the Power output would not be affected
☺Low leakage current, high dielectric strength

Note For Use
★PTC heater can heat in constant temperature ,so there is a maximum self-heating temperature(the Curie temperature).It can prevent the damage to the other components surrounding.
★When dry-heating in the air,the PTC heater would not be damaged by itself. e.g. when the fan stalling or water breaking off.
★Reliable performance,long service life,never overheat
★PTC heater can work well in wide voltage range.When its operating voltage is two times the nominal voltage,the surface temperature changes very little.But for the sake of the longer service life,it is better to use in ± 15% the nominal voltage
★When multiple PTC heaters are used together, should connection in parallel, shouldnt connect in series.
★The output power of the PTC heater varies a lot with the heat dissipation area,heating medium,surrounding temperature, wind speed,etc.
★The impulse current of the PTC heater is momentary and obvious.
★The surface temperature of the PTC heater is controlled by itself.You also could control it by the external device(e.g. temperature controller),but you couldnt control the temperature by adjusting the voltage. It isnt working.
★The improper assembly leads to instability of the output power and the heating temperature.
In consideration of the thermal expansion,when designing the structure,there should be a seam around the PTC heater.
★When used under the three-phase power,the PTC heater should be Type Y attachment,and the neutral point must be connected with the null line.Otherwise the three-phase unbalance would lead to one of the circuits overtension.

Instructions of Process
1.Send us your product drawing or real picture,attaching the details such as the size,output power,voltage and so on.The more,the better.
2.Firstly we will quote a reference price. The accurate quotation could be provided after the samples confirmation.
3.We could supply the sample very quickly,usually within a week.
4.After samples confirmation,your feedback is valuable.Tell me more details.
5.After confirmed everything ,the buyer should pay for us according to the appointment we agreed.The shipment will be duly delivered.
Price Condition : FOBPrice : USD 50 / pieceDelivery Port : Shanghai / NingboPackaging & Delivery
Delivery Lead Time : 20 days for OEM, 7 days for ready goodsMinimum Order : 200Supply Ability : 10000Product Image
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