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Continuous Recircling Flow Rice Dryer

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Grain Dryer(5HXG-100)

Company Profile:
Jiangsu Tianyu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd is located in High-tech Innovation Center Park, Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province.We are professional grain circulation dryer manufacturer. Since 2010,we have independently researched and developed Tianyu 5HXG Grain Drying Machines Series. The new general type grain (seed) dryer uses the intelligent touch screen and PLC control technology, and achieve in the automation of work of the whole process, and ensure the highly reliability of equipment performance.they have two sets of drying process for food and seeds, without modification, directly used for rice, wheat, corn, soybean, sorghum, wheat,etc a variety of food and seed drying, and ensure the quality of grain and germination rate of seed. Our company constantly develop and test in grain drying machine in order to demand for the customers local actual in the grain drying machinery and coal, straw, rice chaff stove etc. and bring greater economic benefits for cutomers.Manufacturing advanced and reliable equipment,satisfying customers is our purpose and pursuit.

1.The dryer uses the low temperature cycling;

2.Timing mode, auto mode, seeds mode,demand the customers various operating requirements;

3.Excellent burner, Online watershed instrument, PLC controller, Temperature module,make sure more accurate, reliable, design energy saving, environmental protection, and efficient;

4.Humanized design touch screen,easy operation;

5.Horizontal multi-slot drying section, thin valley floor, large drying area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating;

6.Special temperature control prevent excessive drying grain, fissuring,and maintenance is simple, clean quickly.

Machine parameters:
Model 5HXG-100
Paddy processing capacity(kg) 1000~10000
Wheat processing capacity(kg) 1000~11500
Soybean processing capacity(kg) 1000~12200
Corn processing capacity(kg) 1000~10200
Size Length(mm) 3360
Width(mm) 1785
Height(mm) 7510
Weight(kg) 1915
Blower Model GSF-600
Species Centrifugal
Common Swing speed (r.p.m) 1450
Burner Model OM-2N
Species Two Fire,High pressure gun
Ignition Method Automatic ignition, Automatic oil
Combustion volume (L/h) 3.0-12.0
Fuel No. 0 Diesel Oil or Kerosene
Fuel tank capacity(L) 95
Rated voltage(V) Three-phase 380
Power Conveying motor(KW) 1.1
Blower(KW) 3.7
Auger motor(KW) 0.75
Grain discharge motor(KW) 0.3
Control panel(KW) 0.2
Using Maximum Electricity at the same time(KW) 6.09
Performance Paddy Feeding time(Min) 42-53
Wheat Feeding time(Min) 42-53
Soybean Feeding time(Min) 40-54
Corn Feeding time(Min) 40-54
Paddy Discharge time(Min) 45-50
Wheat Discharge time(Min) 45-50
Soybean Discharge time(Min) 43-53
Corn Discharge time(Min) 43-53
Paddy Precipitation rate(% per hour) 0.7-1.0
Wheat Precipitation rate(% per hour) 0.8-1.2
Soybean Precipitation rate(% per hour) 0.4-0.5
Corn Precipitation rate(% per hour) 0.5-0.7
Other Safety device Full volume alarm. Thermal relay, Pressure Switch, Pressure sensor, Fire Monitor, Fuse, Air temperature sensor, Grain temperature sensor, Outside temperature sensor.
Operation mode Timing mode, Automatic mode, Seeds mode.
Standard Equipment Moisture Meter Tester, Dust Machine, Ladder, Grain discharge gates
Optional heat Stove, Steam heat exchanger, Gas burner.

Detailed Description:
1.Control Panel:

2.Device Control Interface:

3.Equipment debugging interface:

Advantageous Performance:
1.A multi-purpose machine:
It can make many kinds of crops dry,for example Grain,Wheat,Corn, Soybean and so on. It improve the machine efficiency and application range.

2.Dry quickly
It uses the currently the most advanced fixed speed drying, and then make sure of the precipitation rate.

3.Keep the best quality of Grain.
It uses the most advanced grain drying process software,improve the quality of grain, effectively avoid excessive drying or insufficient drying.

4.Easy Operation
It uses the abroad most advanced computer testing control system, drying process software, easy operation.

5.Run Stablely
Overall optimization design,and ensure safe and stable operation,demand the grain drying.

6.Long working life
The parts are made of high quality raw materials,according to the wear characteristics of the larger grain drying,we use wear-resistant design in the special parts, greatly improve equipment life, reduce maintenance costs.
Contact Information
  • Contact PersonKaren Xu
  • Telephone+86-1862676067
  • AddressKunshan City China
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