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Boost constant current water-proof solar charge controller 60/120W

Trade Leads Details
It’s for load/lamp without LED driver

1)Single load
2)Remote setting/computer interface
3)LED driver module
4)Temperature compensation with temperature sensor
5)Ambient temperature:-40℃~+85℃
6Adjustable power consumption of load &adjustable load timer with professional software
7)support 3 time frame setting
8)Water-proof IP67

1)Short circuit protection
2)Reverse polarity protection
3)Reverse current protection at night
4)Over charging or discharging protection
5)Over load protection
6)Deep discharging protection

Data sheet
Working voltage DC12/24V Auto work
Self consumption 8mA (static power consumption on average)
Maximum charging/discharging current 10A
Maximum power of solar panel 170Wp for 12V battery/360 Wp for 24V battery
Charging mode MCT(Maximum current tracking)
Working mode Light control mode/light and time control mode/dawn on mode,support 3 time frame setting
Over-charging voltage protection for battery 14.5V for 12V battery/29V for 24V battery(at 25℃,with temperature compensation)
Over-discharging voltage protection for battery Re-set by users(factory default 10.8V for 12V battery/21.6V for 24V battery)
Exit over-discharging voltage protection Re-set by users(factory default 12.5V for 12V battery/25V for 24V battery)
Light-on voltage Re-set by users(factory default 5V)
Scope of Output current 150~4800mA
Tolerance of output current Less than 3%
Maximum voltage of solar panel input DC80V
Maximum power output 60W(for 12V battery)/120W(for 24V battery)
Maximum conversion efficiency 96%
Scope of output voltage 15~70V(for 12V battery)/29~70V(for 24v battery)
Temperature compensation -30mv/℃/12V -60mv/℃/24V
Material of controller shell Aluminum
Size of controller 97×82×21mm
IP grade IP67
Weight of controller 280g
1)solar street lamp
2Solar garden lamp
3)Other PV system

For 12V system,maximum power supply 170Wp solar panel,Maximum direct current 5A for single load(Maximum power 60W)
For 24V system,maximum power supply 360Wp solar panel,Maximum direct current 5A for single load(Maximum power 120W)
Contact Information
  • Contact PersonBill Sun
  • Telephone+86 510 8602 3582
  • AddressNo.8 West Binjiang Road,Jiangyin,Jiangsu,China
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