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WD-D1 Microcomputer Control Electronic Testing Machine

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1. Brief introduction
(1) Scope of use: the WD-D1 computer controlled electronic testing machine is designed for testing the physical characteristic of different material. It applies to metallic and non-metallic, polymer material performing the testing of stretching, compressing, bending, and peeling and so on.
(2) Technical description: this machine takes the latest control system. The Japan Panasonic AC digital controller controls the servo motor and high-precision gear to drive the ball screw to move the test-bed. The test speed of the set is from 0.001mm/min to 300mm/min. Moreover, the load sensor is American Trancell brand with the precision of 0.02% which makes the testing accuracy of the set can reach up to 0.5 level. The valid measuring scope of is from 0.2% to 100%. The speed accuracy is within ±0.5%; and displacement accuracy is within ±0.5%; and deformation accuracy is within ±0.5%.
2. Main Parameters:
(1) SPEC: WD-D1 (500N);
(2) Max load: 500N;
(3) Testing accuracy: 0.5 level;
(4) Valid measuring scope: 0.2%-100%;
(5) Force accuracy: within ±0.5%;
(6) Testing differentiate scope: 500,000 code at maximum load. Testing differentiate rate of whole distance is constant;
(7) Testing speed: 0.001~300mm/min (it can be adjusted freely);
(8) Speed accuracy: within ±0.5%;
(9) Deformation measuring scope: 0.2%-100%FS;
(10) Deformation accuracy: within ±0.5%;
(11) Deformation resolution: 1/250000 of the max deformation;
(12) Displacement accuracy: within ±0.5%;
(13) Displacement resolution: 0.05µm;
(14) Safety device of the testing board: electronically place limiting protection
(15) Overload protection: when exceeding 10% of the biggest load, the machine can automatically protect itself;
(16) Data collection rate: 100times/sec;
(17) Valid testing distance: 300mm;
(18) Valid testing width: 120mm;
(19) Size of the set: length ×width ×height: 560×345×1080(mm);
(20) Motor: single phase AC 220V±10%, 200W;
(21) Weight: 45kg;
3. Collocation
(1) 500N testing machine
(2) Collocation:
One set of 500N American Transcell high accuracy sensor, accuracy: FS0.02%;
One set of Japan Panasonic whole digital AC served driver system;
One set of high-accuracy ball screws;
One set of ZJ2009 control and measuring system;
(3) Clamps: one set of clamps (it can be designed as the customers’ request);
(4) ZJ2009 Chinese testing software (the system can carry on physical testing such as stretching, compressing, bending, peeling, tearing, cutting and puncturing and so on. It can carry out testing and provide data according to international standards and domestic standards as GB, DIN, ISO, JIS, and EN and automatically acquire parameters such as the biggest experiment force, splitting force, yield strength, tensile strength, bending strength, elastic modulus and elongation etc.)
(5) PC interface and data cable;
(6) One set of Lenovo computer;
(7) One set of HP color printer;
(8) Instruction manual and Installation manual;
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