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Offer Aluminum Foil Roll for Radiant Heat Barrier

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We specialize in all kinds of Aluminum Foil Roll for Radiant Heat Barrier.
Various quality certifications are welcome.
If any interesting, please contact me.

Ms. Coco Chan


Shape: Aluminum foil roll for radiant heat barrier

Width: 1 to 1.5m/roll, can be slitted according to customers demand
Customized lengths are accepted

Lightweight, clean, thin, nice flexibility and cushioning
Invariable if it is attacked repeatedly
Low thermal conductivity and superior heat insulation
Outstanding safety and Eco-friendly
Easy to install, high efficiency
Cost effective and versatile

Economical solution for wide range of industrial, manufacturing, packaging and consumer application
Such as for industrial sheds, commercial buildings, home insulation, under wood or laminated flooring, roof insulation, carpet underlay, for horticultural purposes, in greenhouses and construction, packaging material to sensitive products
To protect precise machine, elevator and slap up furniture
With current focus on energy-saving and protecting our environment, customers will find that aluminum foil barrier is in forefront of reflective technology

Unlike mass insulation, which only slows down or resists heat transfer, aluminum foil barrier reflects heat
Heat, by natural law, always turns to cold
Problem is how to keep heat in during winter and out during summer
All objects and bodies give off radiant heat, even insulation in customers attic gives off radiant heat to cold attic space in winter and to living space in summer: In winter, regular insulation cannot stop radiant heat loss, radiant heat must be reflected with barrier

Aluminum foil barrier will re-radiate only 3% of heat in which it comes in close physical contact compared with approximate 90% re-radiation of ordinary building materials at same temperature
Just like wrapping baked potato in aluminum foil keeps potato warm longer by holding heat in, covering customers attic insulation with aluminum foil barrier holds heat in house during winters cold
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