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fish collagen

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This is Michael with Hubei Liangzi Xinglong Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd, real manufacturer of pure fish collagen peptide powder, food grade, edible, small molecular. It has been used a lot in America, Europe, Southeast as supplements for nutrional food, functional beverage, health and beauty pharmacy and cosmetics.. Hope your company are interested in this item.

Our fish collagen is certificated for COA, HACCP, ISO22000, HALAL, KOSHER. The following are the main features:

1. colorless and odorless: pure white, completely solube in water, no color change, no smell, no sedimentation;
2. high purity: reach 99.99%
3. Protein contents is more than 97%, hydroxyproline 9.0%, proline 10.5%
4. small molecular weight: under 1000 dalton
5. advanced procssing technology and equipment: biological directional enzyme cutting technology with equipments imported. We also have technical support by top expert from Swizerland.
6. food grade, can be used as additive for food and beverage, health and skin care, pharmacy, as well as cosmetics.
7. high production ability: more than 600 T per year.

Product Description
Product Name Collagen peptide
Components Mainly containing glycine, proline, hydroxyproline
Application in food
Application in health care products
Application in cosmetics and medicine,Add into skin care cosmetics
Add it into a variety of facial cleanser, bath gel, such as facial mask, essence gel, bath gel, and use it mixedly
Usage Method
This product is completely soluble in water, no precipitation,
no smell,and it can be taken directly with warm water.
You can also add it in coffee, milk, soy milk etc.
Drinking together with calcium, vitamin C and other nutritional supplements can make the effect better.
Usage Topical Application
Add it into a variety of facial cleanser, bath gel, such as facial mask, essence gel, bath gel, and use it mixedly.
Recommended dose is 6 g once.
Certificates 1.ISO22000 2.HACCP 3.HALAL 4.KOSHER
Process Method 1.Modern biological directional enzyme cutting technology
MOQ 100kg
Package 15kg/drum;10kg/drum
Shelf Life 2 years
Payment L/C at sight,T/TProduct Feature
Colorless and odorless: Particularly suitable for the type of people sensitive to smell
Small molecular weight: Molecular weight is under 1000 dalton,
High purity: Purity reaches to 99.99%
Advanced technology: With the biological directional enzym cutting technology, processed by advanced equipments from abroad.

The “Liang zi” Collagen makes use of modern biological directional enzyme cutting technology, extracts small molecule peptide from fish scales and fish skin, which is rich in many kinds of amino acids, with high digestion and absorption.
collagen has a wide range of applications in the food, health care products, cosmetics and medicine.
The “Liang zi” Collagen is developed independently and self-produced by the Wuhan Liangzi Lake Aquatic Products Processing Limited Company and its indicators have reached international standards, including that the total protein content is more than 97%, and hydroxyproline and proline contents are respectively 9.0% and 10.5%.
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  • Contact PersonMichael Luo
  • Telephone+ 86 27 18627985641
  • AddressZhongshang Plaza, Zhongnan Rd