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Solid surface sizing agent

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Solid surface sizing agent MF9800
Product features
MF9800 is a new and high efficient cross-linking of starch sizing agent for corrugated paper surface sizing. M9800 is added to starch and produce cross-linking reaction with starch, grafted the starch molecules into the hydrophobic groups,thereby effectively improve the surface water resistant properties of corrugated paper. Water resistance produce by the cross linking reaction is very stability without the impact of fluctuation in climate and the system, solving the resurgence problem of corrugated paper in the summer rainy season. At the same time, under condition of substituting 15%-20% starch ,it maintains or further improves the paper ring crush index, has very good strength, which is the ideal product to replace the traditional sizing agent.
Technical indicators
Appearance: light green fine particles and powderSolubility: Soluble well with starchStorage period: 6 months
Use Method
Feeding raw starch and amylase(or ammonium persulfate) in proportion to gelatinize,heated to 90 degrees,add MF9800 to the starch solution(tons of paper consumption 7kg-12kg),stir evenly, keep the temperature for 15~20 minutes,filter before on the machine sizing.It can replace 15%~20% starch.(Our company can provide detailed starch gelatinization process for reference)
Packaging and storage
This product is a solid particle, convenient to transport and use, placed in dry, ventilated, cool place.Do not in contact with water to prevent the dissolution loss. Packing 25 kg, 1000 kg plastic bags.
Contact Information
  • Contact PersonMark Wan
  • Telephone86-728-3601199
  • AddressLiukou Industrial Park,Xiantao,Hubei province,China
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