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Sulphur Bentonite 90%

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Sulphur Bentonite Contants

Sulphur = 90%
Bentonite = 10% (Bentonite coating)

Sulphur Bentonite Pastilles are 90% pure elemental sulphur the highest sulphur containing fertilizer, which makes sulphur available in granule form for easy broadcasting and long lasting effects.a

Sulphur Bentonite in pastilles form release sulphate form gradually to the soil making it available for plant use but unavailable for leaching and wastage!

Sulphur Bentonite pastilles have sulphur of different particle sizes which provide sulphur nutrition throughout the growth period of the plant and to succeeding crops as well.

Sulphur Bentonite application does not have any ill effects on the health of broadcaster as it is bound in pastille form, unlike powder sulphur source which cause skin and lung infection.

Recommended Dosage (Per Acre) for Sulphur Bentonite

For Vegitable & Crops = 8 to 12.5KG (Please consult for exact dosage)
Alkaline soil amendment = 18 to 25 KG /Acre
Understandably, dosage will vary depending on deficiency status of the soil & nutrient requirement of the target crop.

Time of Application

Since Sulphur bentonite do not suffer from leaching losses, hence it needs to be applied along with proper irrigation 2-3 weeks before sowing or transplantation or at the time of sowing or transplantation,

Why use Sulphur Bentonite?
Sulphur Bentonite is 90% pure elemental sulphur. It provides degradable sulphur to plants and therefore can have the following advantages over other forms of sulphur fertilizer:
High nutrient efficiency:
Slow release, providing sulphate sulphur for the entire crop season.
High analysis, allowing lower volumes of product, reducing warehousing and freight costs.
Minimal soil leaching losses until converted to sulphate form.
Ability to build up available sulphur levels in the soil for the following season (larger particles).
Savings in nutrient, storage and application costs:
Lower volume of storage for dealers/growers.
Fewer application passes for growers.
Lower sulphur nutrient cost.
Allows the grower to select the form of nitrogen and preferred application time.
How it works
Sulphur is a key nutrient:
Sulphur is known to improve the metabolism of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.
Elemental sulphur can be used where sulphur deficiency in soils is known to exist.
Application of sulphate sulphur will lower the pH of alkaline soils
NPK and Micronutrients needs sulphur
Sulphur is needed for optimum and better utilization of other nutrients as:
Sulphur increases the uptake of nitrogen and phosphorous and improves effectiveness of NPK.
Sulphur, as a soil amendment for Alkaline Soils, increases the availability of iron, Zinc, Phosphorous and many other nutrients.
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