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AC Chips for water based flexo, gravure printing ink

CategoryChemicals - Pigment
Post Time2013-01-28 07:01:15UTC

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Our AC Pigment Chips are manufactured from high-quality pigments and acrylic resins. Our AC Pigment Chips are excellent for water-based flexography, rotogravure, and carton inks.
Product Advantages:
1. High Gloss
2. Pure, Bright Color
3. Excellent Stability
4. Excellent Printing Performance
5. High Color Strength
6. Excellent Transparency
7. No Impurity, Precipitate or Flocculation
8. No Smell or Dust
9. Compatible with most of Acrylic Acid and some Water-Based PU

Recommended Pigments:
White 6
Yellow 1, 3, 12, 13,14,17,74
Red 2,3,8,22,49,:1,49:2,48:1,48:2,48:3,53:1,57:1,81,112,170(F3RK),122,146,254
Blue 15:3, 27, 60, 61
Green 7
Violet 3,19,23,27
Black 7
Orange 5, 13, 34

*Colors can be ordered according to your request.

The Advantages of Using Pre-dispersed Pigment Color Chips:

Colourful pre-dispersed pigment color chips are environmental-friendly, they enable pigments to be completely dispersed. They have the advantages of high dispersion, high transparency, high gloss, and etc. Colourful pre-dispersed pigment color chips can save the repeated grinding of pigments, and produce high quality inks. Using pre-dispersed pigment color chips, our customers can design formula flexibly, because pigment color chips can be directly added into ink formula or dissolved as pigment pastes to be used in ink formula.
The cost of manufacturing inks using pre-dispersed pigment color chip is almost the same as that of manufacturing traditional inks. However, inks manufactured with pre-dispersed pigment color chips are more competitive than traditional inks.

1. Product Characteristics:
1. High gloss, pure and bright color;
2. Excellent storage stability.
3. Excellent printability.
4. High color density, excellent transparency and dispersion.
5. No impurities, sediments, or flocculation.
6. Odorless, dustless, safe and healthy.

2. Using Pre-dispersed Pigment Color Chips is more economic, because of the following advantages:

1. The dispersion of color chips is more complete, therefore less pigment usage required.
2. Reduce human resources and device resources, only dispersion machine is required.
3. Reduce material waste.
4. Produce high quality inks efficiently in a short period of time.

3. Product Specifications:
1. Fineness: < 4μm
2. Basic Ingredients: Pigments, Resins, Additives

Contact Information

Contact PersonSylvia Ng
Address8 Chuangye West Road, Liangang Industrial Section, Jinwan District, Zhuhai,Guangdong,China
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