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HOT! CNC Router kits 3Axis CNC 1600OZ-IN

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CNC Router kits 3Axis CNC 1600OZ-IN & 3256OZ Wantai Spindle Stepper Motor Grind Mill

Product No.: N2012611173158

This item includes:
2 PCS Nema 34 Stepper Motor with Single shaft 1600oz-in holding torque,
1 PC Nema 42 Stepper Motor with Single shaft 3256oz-in Holding torque,
2 PCS Stepper Driver DQ860MA with 7.8A replacing MD882,
1 PC Stepper Driver DQ2272 With 8.0A Peak current,7.0A rated current, 110-220VAC,
200 Microstep,
2 PCS Power Supply for 350W,60VDC,5.9A,
1 PC Breakout Board,
1 PC DB25 Cable

Note: Alternating current on driver to connect the power,there is no need for any power supply to convert.

1, Stepper Motor
1, Technical Specifications
Part No.: 85BYGH450C-012
Frame Size: NEMA34
Step Angle: 1.8 degree
Voltage: 5.7V
Current: 3.5A/phase
Resistance: 1.9 Ohm/phase
Inductance: 22 mH/phase
Holding torque: 11.3N.m 1600oz-in
Rotor inertia: 3600g-cm2
Number of wire leads:4
Weight: 5 kg
Length: 151mm

Note: Nema 34 Stepper Motor with 1600oz-in holding torque on single shaft, front shaft length is
37mm with 25mm flats length, flats length, the diameter for motor shaft is 14mm.


2, Stepper Motor Driver
The DQ860MA is an economical microstepping driver based on patented technology of
Wantai Motor.It is suitable for driving 2-phase 4-phase hybrid stepping motors.
By using the advanced bipolar constant-current shopping technique ,it can
output more speed and torque from the same motor,compared
with traditional drivers ,such as L/R drivers .Its 3-state current control
technology allows coil currents
to be well controlled and with relatively small
current ripple,therefore less motor heating is achieved.

3,1PC Nema 42 Stepper Motor of 4200OZ-In Holding Torque,
Technical Specifications
Part No.: 110BYGH150-001
Frame Size: NEMA42
Step Angle: 1.8 degree
Voltage: 5.44VDC
Current: 6.8A/phase
Resistance: 0.8Ohm/phase
Inductance: 15mH/phase
Holding torque: 230 Kg-cm 3256oz-in
Rotor inertia: 1090g-cm2
Number of wire leads: 4
Weight: 8.4kg
Length: 150mm
Shaft Diameter: 19mm with keyway

Please tell us if you need Double shaft or single shaft, we can manufacture both
for you. If you need Double shaft, please tell us your requirements for length
of front and rear shaft, as well as the diameter. So that we can offer you the
quite good products, thanks!
if you need the drawing or the torque of the motor, please email me:
, so that I can send the informaiton to you.

4, Stepper Motor Driver DQ2722M,
110-220VAC, 7.0A, 200Microstep

The DQ2722M is full digital 2 phase stepper driver based on DSP control.
The drive voltage of which is from 110V to 220VAC. It is designed for use
with the 2 phase hybrid stepper motor of all kinds with 86mm to 130mm
outside diameter,regulated phase current 1.2A to 7.0A.
The circuit that it adopts is similar to the circuit of servo control
which enables the motor run smoothly without noise
and vibration. The highest micro step is 60000ppr.
It is widely used in middle and big size numerical control devices
such as curving machine, CNC machine, computer embroider machine,
packing machine and etc.


l High performance, low price
l 16 channels constant angle, constant torque micro steps, highest micro step: 40000ppr
l Highest response frequency: 200Kpps
l Current of winding will be reduced by approximately 50% when no step pulse
command is received for 0.1 second
l Opto-isolated signal I/O
l Drive current is adjustable in 16 channels from 1.2A/phase to 7.0A/phase
l Single power supply from 110V to 220VAC
l Phase terminal memory function (motor phase terminal is memorized after input pulse
train stopping 5s and it is recovered when stepper driver power on or signal MF changes from
low level to high level)
Our products are mainly used in robotization, Spinning Automatization, Printing, Packing,

Medica Machine, Make-up Equipment, Communication, Household Appliance, Water Pump,

Milling Machine, Engraver Machine, CNC Routers.. etc automatic equipment of various trades.

We Ship Worldwide!

We product all kinds of motors & driver. And we can manufacture products according to our
customers design.
Currently we are looking for qualified stocking distributors with competitive price and good
discount in WORLDWIDE for mutually beneficial long-term relationship. We try our best to
support our distributors and business partners to develop more market percentage.

Please join us, let¡¯s create the glorious future together!
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