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wet strength agent

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wet strength agent


PPE epoxy polyester wet strength agent for chemical name of polyamide polyamine epichlorohydrin resin is internationally referred to as PPE or PAE. The product is water-soluble cationic thermosetting resin, which is superior to conventional urea aldehyde resin and melamine-formaldehyde resin. PPE resin can not only improve the paper wet and dry strength, but also improve fines and filler retention, and promote the AKD sizing retention and ripening. Thus it is suitable neutral or slightly alkaline conditions of papermaking. It can be widely used in household paper, bond paper, banknote paper, fruit bag paper, offset paper, wrapping paper, newsprint paper,decorative paper and other paper with requirements of wet strength.

ⅡKey Indicators
Appearance:Light yellow viscous liquid
Solid content: 12%±0.5%
Viscosity: 20 - 90mpa.s (30 ℃)
P H value: 3.5 - 6.5

Ⅲ Dosage and usage

1. According to the paper and wet or dry ratio requirements, the dosage of per ton paper is about 5 – 50 kg. The slurry PH value in the 4.5 - 6is the best result in use..
2. Before usage, the product can be diluted about 10 times. If conditions permit, the PH value of the solution adjusted with NaOH solution to 7 – 8 that is appropriate.
3. The adding point is generally pulp tank. Do not add with anionic chemicals simultaneously.

Ⅳ package, transportation and storage

1.Wet strengthen agent for high polymer, is suitable for indoor storage, not near a heat source or sunlight exposure.And it could not be stored for a long time after diluted with water.
2. Containers should be sealed when out of use to prevent harmful bacterial contamination. It can be stored for at most 6 months under the Room Temperature. And it can be regarded as non-dangerous goods in transportation and storage.
3.The weight of per package is 200 or 1000 kg plastic barrel or based on the customers’ requirements.
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