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Up-conversion phosphor

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Up-conversion phosphor/Anti-Stokes luminescence and Organic fluorescent materials for Printing ink
Up-conversion phosphor/Anti-Stokes’ luminescence for various kinds of printing application, and will not have any worse effect while mixing with any types of inks. It can be added in plastic, paper, cloth, ceramic, glass and solution etc.
Excitation peak Emission color Emission peak
JUP-AS110 980nm Blue 450nm
JUP-AS120 980nm Green 520nm
JUP-AS130 980nm Red 610nm

Organic fluorescent materials/fluorescent pigment
UV organic fluorescent pigment is special printing one that emitting (giving off) visible light (wavelength 400-800nm) while excitated (exposed) under UV light (wavelength 200-400nm). Their products fluorescent ink are widely applied for printing stamp, coating, bank notes, bank book, tax invoice and etc.
Code Appearance Emission peak(nm)/color Excitation peak(nm)
JUP-2110 white powder 460+/-5/blue 365
JUP-2210 light yellow powder 510+/-5/green 365
JUP-2310 light pink powder 610+/-5/red 365
JUP-2410 light yellow powder 525+/-5/yellow 365
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