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DIR Waste Engine Oil Extract Base Oil Distillation Machine

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Used oil should not be thrown away. Although it gets dirty, used oil can be cleaned of contaminants so it can be recycled again and again. There are many uses for recycled used oil. Recycling of waste oil has potential to save the energy, protect environment and recycle the natural resources.
Due to waste oil contain too much contamination, including non-hydrocarbon, alkene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, metal hydronium, impurities, metal particles, asphaltene and colloid etc. and due to the traditional technology only can refine the waste oil to base oil, can’t use directly, so our company is researching the new technology about distilling machine, which can distill all kinds of waste oil into clean oil, easy to operation, and the lower operation cost.

The purpose of waste distillation machine is re-refining industrial waste oil(including equipment lubricants, metal-working oil and process oil) and used automotive lubricants( such as engine oil, hydraulic oil and gear oil) to clean oil, then reuse it.

Distillation is the physical separation of components of lubricating oil by boiling range. Depending on the type of distillation, the boiling ranges can produce gases and gasolines at the lower boiling points with heavy lubricating oils being distilled at higher boiling points. Distillation is the core process for a facility capable of producing re-refined base-oils to virgin base-oil quality.

I.Working principle
This equipment adopt physicochemical actions to polymerize,passivate, absorb and eliminate impurities and harmful contamination. We research a new chemical alkaline complex catalyst, which can restore and regeneration the Waste oil to clean oil, save the component of the oil.
II. Advantage:
It’s easy to produce waste residue and bad smelling by traditional vitriol distilling, which will bring potential secondary pollution, moreover, it’s easy to change the color to black and produce the odor due to the recycled oil react with the oxygen. But after we use the alkaline complex catalyst refines the oil, the recycled oil havn’t change the color and havn’t create the odor. What’s more important, you can use the resid to be as the fuel to heating the oil, without any pollution. And the machine is easy to operate, only 1-2 workers can control the machine.
III.Main components:
1. Catalyst system: Catalyst Reactor, blender;
2. Chemistry treatment systerm: Chemistry reactor, blender,oil pump
3. Heating distilling system: distilling tower, distilling kettle, heater, circle pump;
4. Cooling system: refrigerating machine, water pump, water tank, cooler I,cooler II, Condenser;
5. Vacuum system: Vacuum water receiver, vacuum pump, vacuum cooler
6. Degasification system: vacuum exhauster, exhaust fan, degasification plant, water pump, radiator,deodorizer.
7. oil storage system: distilling storage tank
8. Control system: all kinds of gauge( vacuum gauge, pressure gauge etc.) and electricity controller tank

IV. Features:
1. Easy to operate, low operation cost
2. Environmentally friendly, without secondary pollution.
3. The machine can recycle gasoline oil, diesel oil, engine oil, rubber oil and other lubricant oil to clean oil.
4. High quality refined oil, no any discoloration caused by oxidation, no any bad smelling.
5. Low cost contain:
1) only need the catalyst chemical, the cost is less thanUS$30 to refine one ton waste oil.
2) Heat consumption: 105kcal per ton waste oil
3) Power consumption: 40Kwh to recycle 1 ton waste oil
6. High degree of automation.

V. Recovery Rate:
Component Percentage(%)
water 1.5%
Gasoline/diesel oil 7%
Light Lubrication oil 42%
Heavy Lubrication oil 43%
Residue 6.5%
Total 100%
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