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Sellsell ammonium chloride

we are the manufacture of ammonium chloride.
Telephone18230372599AddressCHANGLI COUNTY

SellMolecular Sieve for Insulating Glass

Molecular Sieve for Insulating Glass Unit from Zonebao Molecular Sieve Company have below advantages high WAC,low LOI,high crush strength,low wear ratio which is the most cost efficient product in the market you can find.
Telephone0086-18242667164AddressHoushi Village,Laobian Dist.,Yingkou,Liaoning,China

SellMolecular Sieve Desiccant for Dehydration of Methanol and ethanol

Molecular Sieve Desiccant for Dehydration of Methanol and Ethanol have below advantages High WAC,low LOI,high crush strength,low wear rate and higher purity.These unique properties made it a longer lifespan and will save cost for end users.
Telephone0086-18242667164AddressHoushi Village,Laobian Dist.,Yingkou,Liaoning,China

SellMolecular Sieve Activated Powder

Our product with excellent performance, Molecular Sieve Activated Powder have below advantages,high WAC,low LOI,very little screening and very high purity. Fit for absorb moisture ...
Telephone0086-18242667164AddressHoushi Village,Laobian Dist.Yingkou,Liaoning,China

SellMolecular Sieve Desiccant for Refrigerant

Zonebao Company's important high quality products Molecular Sieve Desiccant for Refrigerant have below advantages: High WAC,low LOI,high crush strength,low wear ratio,which will be a longer lifespan.
Telephone0086-417-3900002AddressHoushi Village,Laobian Dist.,Yingkou,Liaoning,P.R.China

SellMolecular Sieve Desiccant for Air Brake

Zonebao Molecular Sieve Co.,Ltd's high quality product Molecular Sieve for Air Brake system technical data: WAC:21.5%min; Crush Strength:70Nmin; LOI:1.5%min;Bead Ratio:98%min High quality reasonable price,welcome to contact.
Telephone0086-18242667164AddressHoushi Village,Laobian Dist.,Yingkou,Liaoning,China

SellOffer Titanium Dioxide

Offer Titanium Dioxide Ruitle and Titanium Dioxide Anatase Widely used in many industrial fields, such as coating, printing ink, masterbatch, pvc plastic profiles and plastic industries etc.
Telephone+8619162309569AddressNo.8 Dahua Road,Youjiang District,Baise,Guangxi,China.

SellSell Vacuum Oven

Features 1.Adjustable door lock, self-suitable observation window frame, disposable molding silicone seal, to ensure long-term stable sealing.2.PID temperature control instrument, more accurate.
Telephone8616622152657AddressTianzhi Industrial Park, Xinghua Erzhi Road, Xiqing Development Area, Tianjin, China

SellOffer Industrial grade sodium Bicarbonate

Whole sell sodium Bicarbonate, comes from Chinese biggest and famous manufacturer, we guarantee the quality and comeptitive price.with long time export experience.we will offer you the best service, we welcome you to enquiry at any time.
Telephone0086-18741651985AddressLiaoning province,China

Selloffer Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate

Wholesell Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate,comes from the famous manufacturer in China.We gurantee good quality and competitive price, with long time export experience, we will offer you the best service.
Telephone0086-18741651985AddressLiaoning Pronvince, China

SellOdorless Pine Tar Oil /Reclaim Rubber Softener Plant Type High Efficiency

The product is extracted and refined from a plant.It mainly acts as a softener in the production of rubber material and reclaimed rubber.It is non-irritative, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
Telephone008615538206987AddressNo. 199 Nongye Road, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou 45000 China

SellPVC lubricant Oxidized PE wax RL-916

RL-916 Hard, high drop point, high density, oxidized polyethylene homopolymer, in PVC processing, may be used as a metal release agent as it provides excellent internal and external lubricating.
Telephone+86 21 63178019Address17F Chang'an Building, No.1001 Chang'an Rd., Jing'an, Shanghai 200070, China

SellFine Aluminum Hydroxide Flame Retardant Additive

We are one of the largest Aluminum Hydroxide Manufacturer in China. We have 12 years R&D experience for ATH, owning 25 patents. As a kind of halogen-free flame retardant, our A...
Telephone+86 18753272046AddressZibo Economic Development Zone Of China,Zibo City,Shandong Province,China 255300

Sellcalcium chloride anhydrous 94% powder

Application: 1.to be used for deicing on road, highway, packing lots and airports.It has lower temperature freezing point and be less corrosive for roads and plants.to be more environmental friendly, especially the granule ones.
Telephone0086-18741651985AddressJinzhou , Liaoning Province, China

Sellα - Pinene

α - Pinene is obtained by high purity separate technique which is applied in distilling of gum tupentine oil. uses: α - Pinene is used as basic materials such as camphor isoborny...
Telephone+86(0750)6186820AddressXINHUI GUANGDONG

SellBis(4-bromophenyl) ether

Our main products are 2-Ethyl-anthraquinone.Aluminum Chloride.Polyaluminium Chloride PAC.Bronopol.DBNPA.HBCD.Carbohydrazide.SodiumBromide.DBNE.4-(METHYLSULFONYL)BENZALDEHYDE.DBNPA20%.
Telephone0086-536-8503888AddressADD:binhai development zone 262737 ,weifang city, shandong Province, china

BuyEmulsion for water based ink for plastic films

Emulsion for water based ink for plastic films.
Telephone+91 9372593323Address400103, India

Selliron oxide pigment

Sunrise Pigment Co., Ltd.was founded in 1980, we professionally produce iron oxide pigments nearly 40 years.After these years of development, now we become one of the biggest iron oxide pigment producers in China.
Telephone0086-18221662395AddressHuishan Road, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

SellCalcium chloride dihydrate 77%

Application: 1.To be used for deicing on road, highway, packing lots and airports.It has lower temperature freezing point and be less corrosive for roads and plants.to be more environmental friendly, especially the granule ones.
Telephone008618741651985AddressNo. 74, Building 1st, Deshengli, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, P.R. China

Sellqingdao chemicals LCD liquid crystal

More than 12 years of LC production experience.Qingdao QY Liquid Crystal Co., Ltd.is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Liquid Crystal Mixture QYPDLC-184 Lower Operating Temperature Tkn(C).
Telephone0086532-85827353AddressTAILIU ROAD
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