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sell paprika oleoresin

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Paprika oleoresin, belonging to carotene, is a kind of oily liquid refined from chilies under the process of making granulation, precritical extraction, concentration, removing the spicy and other crafts. Its main components are capsanthin and capsorubin.
Application: Mainly used in food industries like instant-noodles, biscuits, baked foods, canned-foods, desserts and chili sauced meat, cosmetics and high-grade animal feeds and so on.
Characteristics: dark red oily liquid, soluble in organic solvents like oils, vegetable oil, ethanol, ethyl acetate, Insoluble in water; stable under light, heat and PH value is stable.

Quality Index:

Color value 10-250 (6600—165000cu)

Absorbance ratio 0.980-1.015

Capsaicin ≤0.01%

Solvent remain (N-hexane) ≤25mg/kg

Lead ≤30mg/kg

Arsenic ≤3mg/kg

The product quality index is in line with the relevant standards of GB10783-1996 and FAO/WHO.

Packages: Packed in food grade polythene drums, 1kg/drum, 5kg/drum or 25kg/drum, or packed in iron drum with epoxy resin paint inside, 200kg/drum, or according to the customers,requirements.

Storage and validity: Protect from light and heat, store in dark, cool, airproof and dry conditions. Validity is 12 months.
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