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Building Material:Glazed Roof Tile

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glazed roof tile is also be called European Style Interlocking Roof Tile
1.Antifreezing and insulating
Our ceramic roof tile is formed by high pressureand,fired by high temperature,so it’s water absorption is very low,which can guarantee good antifreezing and insulating.what’s more,there is no need to put cement in the tube of the tile,so it is vacant,which can make house keep warm and insulating.
2. Cable of lasting pressure-proof
The roof tile is pressed by upper and lower mold, it is with homogeneous density and excellent breaking strength more than 200 kilograms,which can bear the weight of constructor,they can walk on the paved roof just like they walk on the road.the roof tiles are made in high temperature and high pressure,which makes it with good durability,they won’t fade and delaminate.
3.Waterproof and wind-proof
The roof tile with bevel,the upper and lower is connected,the left and right is interlocked,it is seamless,then use cement nail to fix them.so the roof tiles can resist the trouble from cyclones &typhoons.because the rooftop is more higher,so rain won’t counter flow.it is very suitable for high building.

4.it’s cost and labor cost is low,and weight light.
our ceramic roof tile is also called Euro-style chain tile, the quantity of each square meter is less than Spain tile (310x310mm),so it’s cost of construction work is lower than Spain tile by 20%-30%.in addition, the price of ceramic roof tile is lower than Spain tile.so using ceramic roof tile is more economical.it’s weight per square meter is lower than Spain tile by 50%-55%.they are the best roof tile.

5.saving both labor and time
is also
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