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Portable Pen type eggs embryo tester

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Pen type eggs embryo tester
1.Pen type LED eggs tester , which using imported high-brightness white LED lamp beads. It focused the beam, which makes it is easy to observe the development in the internal of eggs. The shell using the aluminum alloy material in the aviation field, which makes it lightness and strong. With special rubber material wrapped the external, It is light, non-slip, wear-resisting, It will not scratch the eggs when touched.
2 Egg Light uses 2 AA batteries.The high milliampere rechargeable batteries is advised to use. The power will be more strong, the light of LED will be more bright. And it is also economic.
3 Pen type LED eggs tester is a new research egg tester of our company, using imported high brightness LED lamp, the service lift will be more than150 thousand hours
4 Pen type LED eggs tester has the water-proof design, easy to use in the wet environment. The back cover is equipped with a set of portable hand rope, easy to take.
5 The Pen type LED eggs tester has a side switch, The color of the whole is black, the whole length is 17cm, the diameter of the head is 2.7cm.

Matters needing attention
1.It is strictly prohibited to let the light hitting the eyes directly, lest cause damage to the eyes
2.It is strictly prohibited to disassemble lamp holder, lest cause reflective cup or bulb damage
3.Please wipe it with clean soft cloth after using
4.Please take out the batteries if stop using. Keep in a cool and dry place.
5.Avoid placing it under the sunshine or high temperature environment. Nonspecialist don’t apart.
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