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Automatic Infusion Pump:
High accuracy and self-correct false alarm, water-proof, anti-stick intellect design of detect sensor
Compatible with any brand IV set after calibration
Automatic calibration for any brand IV set of any standard and automatically record the parameter
Large LCD screen, intuitive, easy to operate
Audible and visual bubble detector, accurate and safety
High capacity to 8 hours internal lithium battery
Auto KVO function: After liquid infusion finished, the pump automatically switch to mico-flow to prevent the thrombus
Three work modes: Rate mode, Time mode, Volumetric mode
Arlternative options between ml/hr and drop/ml

1. critical care of Human: ICU,CCU, Pediatrict Department, Operation room, First Aid Room,Neonate Care,etc.
2. veterinary use : Animal hospital

Technical Parameters of Medical Infusion Pump JSB-1200
Type of product JSB-1200
Detector:outside caliper rotary detector (patent technology)
Control way:drop counting and automatically adjust the infusion rate
Compatible IV set:compatible with any brand IV set produced by any company(include lucifugal IV set)
Alarms:Air-in-line, infusion complete when volume limit has been set, empty container, occlusion, door opening, over time waiting, no drop been detected, error operation, low battery, device failure.
Delivery rate range:1.0ml/h~1200ml/h(1.0ml/h~99.9ml/h, 0.1ml/h step; >99.9ml/h, 1ml/h step)
Delivery time range:1~1999min (1 min step)
Infusion volume range:0~9999ml (1 ml step)
Purge rate:600 ml/h
KVO rate:when delivery rate ≤10ml/h, KVO is 1 ml/h ; Otherwise KOV is 3ml/h
Accuracy:≤25 drop/min: ±2%, >25 drop/min: ±3% (Rate mode and Time mode), ±5%(Volumetric mode with correct calibration)
Bolus :Bolus rate:10-200 ml/h Bolus volume: maximum of 100 ml
Power Supply:AC power supply: AC 100 to 240 V +/_10%, 50/60Hz Internal lithium battery: 11.1V, 2000mAh. 8 hours of continous operation on a new fully charged battery with infusion rate of 20 drops/min
Power comsumption:≤25 VA
Safety level:class Ⅰ, type CF
Dimension & weight:130mm(L)X 200mm(W)X230mm(H)
Net weight:approximately 2.5kg
Operation conditions:
ambient temperature: 5 ~40 degree C Relative humidity: 20 to 90%
Storage conditions:
ambient temperature: -10 ~ 55 degree C Relative humidity: 10 to 90%
Quality Standard:comply with EN-ISO13485(2003), IEC60601-1, IEC6 0601-2-24, ISO9001: 2000, ISO9001: 2008
Accessory:AC power line, operation manual
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  • Contact PersonLisha Liu
  • Telephone86-731-84166923
  • AddressFloor 9,No.199 Lulong Road, National Hi-tech