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Liquid ring vacuum package units

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Liquid ring vacuum package units 2BW serier The water ring vacuum pumps are used widely in chemical and pharmacy areas for its characteristics of the work principle and structure. Normally, the operating liquid of the water ring vacuum pumps is almost discharged out directly or drained into the large circulation pool. By this way, the connection for suppling and discharging the water is very simple and easy to operate, so it is used commonly in the practice. But to discharge the operating liquid out directly has some disadvantages as the following items when the pumped medium contains the organic solvent or poisonous substance: 1.When the water ring vacuum pump works, the pumped gases and the operating water are mixted. So the discharged water contains a lot of solvent or poisonous subtance. Further, the more the discharged water, the more heavier pollution to the environment. 2.The water containing the solvent or poisonous subtance will set out a lot of harmful gases and increase the environment pollution. 3.The pumped solvent is not easy to reclaim and that causes lots of waste. For these above reasons, more and more chemical and pharmacy enterprises choose to use the 2BW series package units. The 2BW package unit is composed of 2BV or 2BE series liquid ring vacuum pumps, seperators, heat exchangers, pipes, valves, etc. Comparing with the single liquid ring vacuum pump, the installaion of the package unit is more convenient. Because the working liquid circulates, to use the closed system can decrease the consumed liquid volume and reduce the environment pollution efficiently. So the advantages are more obvious when the pumped gases contain organic solvent or poisonous substance. In fact, the 2BW package unit can be used widely in many conditions. The operating liquid of the 2BW series package unit can use various of organic solvent, such as, the water, methanol, alcohol, zylene, anilin, acetone, transformer oil, etc.
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