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Removable DIY Mist Cooling System

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~~ 2012 Most Energy Efficient Cooling Equipment ~~
Removable DIY Mist Cooling System
Model: FPC-C2, Mist Cooler
World’s Smallest Removable DIY Mist Cooling System
Save money, save time, save energy & more conveniences.
It makes professional users feel super-value!

Before, the early mist cooling system cost high. It need professional plumber to install and can only do large area mist spraying leading to high power consumption. In fact, the nozzle gets stuck easily from water dripping or inability to use. So that the annual cost of maintenance is high. Thus, it is not practical.

NOW, a NEW C2 provides user a practical perfect (DIY Mist Cooling System).
Key Features:
 Low-priced, removable and can install in small area.
 Spray nozzle is removable and washable.
 Energy-saving, cools 5-7 degrees, adjustable spray interval, resulting in a large number of negative ions.
 Cooling, dust removal, fresh air, clean and healthier environment.
 Very convenient and practical in the hot outdoors, or inconvenient to install air conditioning.


 Those who need the most energy-efficient, money-saving cooling
 Those who can not install air conditioning, or areas with high electricity, is the most cost-effective cooling equipment.
 Outdoor cooling: amusement parks, tourist attractions, resorts, restaurants, hotels, villas, hotels, swimming pool, courtyard,
 Playgrounds, gymnasiums, golf courses, night markets, street vendors, market selling fresh foods can keep freshness
 Inconvenient to install air conditioning in place: factories, farms, livestock farms, chicken farms, warehouses.
 Professional spray moisturizing: the flower market, greenhouse, horticulture and landscape.
 Scenery beautiful: Coffeeshops’ doubled or tripled their daily sales. At nights, different colours of lights can be viewed at different angles.

 One of the worlds smallest mist cooling system, energy saving, good maintenance.
 Easy to operate multi-function: cooling spray, insecticide, deodorant, dust, moisture.
 Easy to install, own the DIY; a full set of about 10 kg, easily mobile
 Produce a lot of fine fog for rapid cooling of 5 to 7 ℃; doubling fan effect
 Save money from maintenance: removable nozzle for cleaning to avoid nozzle blocking.
 Spray size, spray time interval can be adjusted
 Effectively remove dust, moisture, air purification
 Cleaner air: Produce 200,000 to 400,000 negative ions, far higher than the waterfalls 8 160 000 anion.
 With sealed buckets and generators in mobile cooling system
 With a sealed bucket for ice cubes and allow the temperature to drop more
 With a sealed bucket, plus essential oils, so that the space is filled with the fragrant atmosphere.
 Healthy Air purify : a large number of negative ions can sterilize and de-odorize air
 Save Electricity: save a month electricity bill of around NT $ 30.
 Moisture: spray moisture in dry areas
 Mist spray at Night with LED lights to make the scenery more beautiful.
 Save more with local spray: Just spray the area needed, turn large area into small spray area. Early mist cooling systems spray in large-scale, cannot meet spray “just one area” needs.
Contact Information
  • Contact PersonAngela Li
  • Telephone886229336873
  • AddressNo. 42, Si-Kuo St., Wen-Sang District, Taipei 116, Taiwan