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Cling film

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Cling film is hygienic food wrapping film. It is made of the special food grade plastic material
which has the food contact approved property. It is commonly used worldwide, since its
outstanding film properties, it gives the various benefits to users in retail and catering businesses especially supermarkets, hotels, restaurants as well as home uses.


Convenient and easy to use: Film easily clings to itself and to the tray, plate, glass or ceramic ware. Good elasticity of film makes it easily stretch and seal it to any shape of food
containers. Whether you want to pack small, irregular shaped fruits & vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, bakery products, sandwiches, desserts, salads, snacks, butter, cheese and much more!

Prevent weight loss of fresh product: Proper gas and water vapor transmission will slow
down breathing of fruits and vegetable, thus preventing dehydration.

Great use in both microwave and freezer: The film will not melt or break under such extreme
temperatures. Thus frozen foods wrapped with cling film can be put immediately into the
microwave oven to defrost or reheat.

Preserve freshness and keeps taste of fresh foods: Film acts like a second skin which prolongs the shelf-life of fresh foods. It maintains moisture content, fresh taste, colour, aroma as well as the nutrition. Fresh foods can be kept longer.

Attractive presentation: High transparency and glassy appearance enhances the visual. As a
result, it helps to boost sales in store.

Odorless, clean and hygiene: Film will absorb food smell. No fish smell in drinking water. No spillage in microwave ovens and refrigerators.

Thins but cost saving: The high precision of manufacturing technology, the film is much cost
efficient as compared with other packaging materials.
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