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Newtons steel Garbage chute system


1- garbage chute system (Newton brand )1 no STAINLESS STEEL or can be Galvanized steel 600 mm dais 1.2 or 1.5 mm thick of the material as custome choice or building hieght

A) – The chute will be round duct started from the garbage room up to the roof

B) – The duct has opining on each floor with throat for throwing the garbage, the opining of the throat shall be the same size of the chute door.

C) – The material of the chute round duct will be as the client requirement wither (stainless steel 304 2B grade, 1.2 mm )

2- Standard trolley open box type, 1.1 m3 galvanized metal (--------?? nos)

3- Stainless steel doors (--------??) nos. self closing type with rubber frame) size 45 x 45 - 0.7 mm thick, with excess panel 200mm fixed for indicator light.

A) – The doors shall fix on each floor

B) – The door shall serve the building apartments to throw the garbage bags

C) – The door made by 100% of stainless steel with gas spring for salve door closing

4- Central lock for each door

A) –central lock shall fix on the garbage door in each floor to close the doors when washing time of the system.

5- For the washing system should be with 1 water pump 1 hp

A) – The water pump shall fix on the roof for washing the chute with pressure of water witch comes from the main water line

6- Solenoid valve 1”- 1 no.

A) – solenoid valve shall attach with the water pump to allow the water puss when the washing time

7- Cleaning sprinkler ½” on each floor.

A) – The sprinkler will fix in the throat on each floor to flash the pressured water comes from the water pump to wash the chute as per times fixed for that purpose

8- Fire fighting sprinkler alternative.

A) – Fire bulb sprinkler shall fix in the throat to flash the water after breaking the bulb if any fire happened in the chute or in the garbage room

9- Exhaust fan 10 for the chute 1 no with insect net

A) – The exhaust fan will be fixed in the top of the chute in the ventilation tube made of galvanized sheet 1.2 mm

B) – Fan duty it is for blowing out the smell from the chute

C) – In the top of the fan shall fix insects mash for protection, and to not allow the insects or pest to inter the chute system from the roof.

10- Brush for cleaning system 1 no size 600 mm dia (OPTIONAL)

A) – The brush system is fixed in the top of the chute to start brushing the chute during washing time along with water and chemicals

11- Sanitizing unit 1no. for the chemical cleaning (OPTIONAL)

A) – The sanitizing unit shall fix on the roof shall attach with washing pipe , work together with washing pump to add cleaning comical (like smile , Chloride to give more active of cleaning purpose) with the dosage required

12- Excess door 600 x 600 mm on the top of the chute to serve the brush and sanitizing unit

A) – The excess door shall be in the top of the chute on the roof or at the last floor to serve the all cleaning systems (water pump, solenoid valve, sanitizing unit, and the brush)

13- Sound damping coating

A) – For the sound damping of the chute shall be painted on the out side of the steel duct to reduce the noise comes throw throwing the garbage from the floors

14- Angle 38 mm for garbage chute support on each floor.

A) – The MS painted angle supports to hold the chute on each floor.


16- Cutoff door in the end of the chute 1 nos

A) – The cutoff door shall fix in the bottom of the chute its for cut off and closing the chute from the bottom

17- Electrical control panel to control the chute system

A– The electrical control panel for controlling the system like washing time and locking the doors

18- Cowl at roof 1no

A) – the cowl at the end of the chute, above the fan for protecting the chute and the fan from the rein

19- Elbow in the ground floor shall be stainless steel
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