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DCP (Dicalcium Phosphate)

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Product Nature DCP also known as calcium phosphate 2,Molecular Formula:CaHPO4.2H2O,Molecular weight:172.09,After drying with loose white powdery crystals or granules. Neutral products, the melting acid, water-soluble, hygroscopicity small, heated to 90 around gradually lose water of crystallization. Product Features:with purity of the product, calcium and phosphorus ratio appropriate to ensure a higher degree of its biological effects. Phosphorus content greater than 18% of the products, due to a small amount of MCP, and its biological effects better. with unique high-tech companies use technology to make our products crystallization, high purity and its harmful impurities significantly below standards:HG26362000. Drying process advanced products, products with low free water under the premise that the product does not lose crystallization of water, avoid the product in the drying process for the loss of water caused by crystallization of biological effects of the reduction. Coarse particle DCP in the animals stay in the stomach longer and more conducive to the absorption of calcium phosphate, the product of Micro-particle DCP granulation from
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