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Main Function
Accuracy Measurement: Accurately measure active power of both forward and reverse directions, forward energy accumulative function while power with reverse direction available.
Prepayment: The users pay first and then use electricity by IC card. Completely eradicates electricity use arrearage to ease the benefits of funds back. Adequately reflects that electricity is commodity.
IC Card: Available to preset electricity amount, maximum load, alerting electricity amount, maximum purchased electricity amount restriction. The card transmits the information to accomplish data read back; can save much management cost.
Alerting Power Cut: Alerting electricity amount reminds users the first time to purchase power, when the surplus amount less than alerting quantity, the watt-hour meter displays current surplus amount with the red alarm light on the panel flash to remind users to purchase electricity again. However, meter still doesn’t switch off. The pre-swith off amount reminds users last time. When the surplus amount less than pre-switch off amount, the meter will switch off. Users cannot regain power usage until insert IC card till surplus amount is zero. When display surplus amount less than pre-switch off amount, users should purchase electricity as soon as possible. When surplus quantity is 0 kWh, the meter cuts electricity automatically, and display “0.00”, at this moment, it will only resupply power until client purchases electricity.
Electric amount on Credit: When surplus amount is equal to zero, the meter will cut the power automatically, at this moment insert user card will regain power supply; when credit amount will be used up, the meter re-cuts power supply, users cannot regain power supply until purchase electricity. (Optional function)
Load Control: Meter is able to control electricity-use load by means of load limited value pre-set inside. When user’s current load is over maximum allowed power and last for 2 minutes, meter can automatically switch off and display user’s current load. Only when electricity use load is reduced under load-control and user inserts IC card, meter can switch on. Due to over-load, and the total times meter switches off are under limited, user can just insert IC card to recover power supply. Or else, power utility must insert the administrative IC card(inspection card).
Anti-tamper: Be able to prevent such electric larceny ways as reverse electrical connection, plus magnet, sloped installation, etc.
Communication: RS485 communication and infrared communication function. (Optional)
Main Feature
High Precision: Fully electronic type design, choose imported specialized measurement chip, high precision, high sensitivity. Precision be insusceptible of frequency, temperature, voltage and ultra harmonics.
High Quality: Use SMT manufacturing technique, choose international famous brand, long life elements, ensure the steady quality.
Low Consumption: Use the optimum design, the self-consumption≤1W, when used in large scale, it’s able to reduce electric grid consumption, increase power supply effect.
Running Stably: It possesses good anti-interference performance, strong overload capacity, wide working range; make the watt-hour meter has strong running stability.
Data Display: Programmable to LED display electric consumption and running conditions of each time-of-use and rate.
Relay: Built-in magnet latching relay or circumscribed control relay (optional), ensuring secure control.
Software Compatible: Single phase and three phase prepayment watt-hour meter is able to share the same vend power management system.
Strong Confidentiality: Adopting the logical encrypt card to data communicate, ensure one meter one card, and possesses better confidentiality.
Contact Information
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  • Telephone8675589332516
  • Address4th Floor West, No.7 Building, Gaofa Technology Park, Longjing