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Trade Leads Details

In view of the intense competition ahead and high expectation from customers for higher level of creativity breakthrough, not only we have to stay competitive in pricing and quality, it is also recognized that manufacturer must be innovative to develop new taste and idea in order to keep up with customers inspiration and requirement.

WAGASA PTE LTD, Japanese owned Private Limited Company in Singapore was established to act as extended arm to our Parent Company, a Seasoning Manufacturing Organization in Singapore. Our Role is to established overseas markets and take care of Regional Sales, from receiving orders to arrangement of shipment and delivery, as well as satisfying customers demand.

Our Parent Company - has been in the seasoning manufacturing business since 1988. In order to ensure the highest standard and quality of the produts, the Organization process the seasoning and flavoring in a stringent manufacturing environment.

In the Food Grading System conducted by the Ministry of Environment of Singapore, our factory are able to maintain Grade A all these years. Besides, understanding the importance of food safety and quality, we are also fully committed to the safety and quality management system through the adoption of the HACCP method and SQF 2000 Quality.

In the recent year, our R&D have created a series of Seasoning Powder , Snack dough base improver and beverage flavoring that are applicable to Snacks, Chips, biscuits and beverage industries and are well accepted by industries of your nature.

We can supply the following products.

1) RAW MATERIALS – with aid of these raw material ingredients,
enhance and improve the products.
-Roasted Garlic Powder (Aromatic roasted garlic profile)
-Roasted Onion Powder (Aromatic roasted Onion profile)
-Roast Onion Oil (Pleasant and fragrant roasted onion aroma)
-Roast Shrimp Powder (100% pure roast shrimp powder for prawn
cracker and any snacks)
-Sweet Potato Powder (Adds favor to food products, as ingredients
to be used as base)
-Shrimp Liquid Extract (for dough in snack, apply in conjunction with
roast shrimp powder)
-Chicken Extract (distinctive chicken flavor to use in dough for
snack and instant noodle)
-Shrimp Oil (Pleasant fresh shrimp aroma as flavor booster in food

2) SNACK BASE IMPROVER – for external and internal application
-Texture & Flavor improver #1 (to improve crispiness, good
expansion and shelf-life)
-Texture & Flavor improver #2 (for expansion of snack base and
impart aromatic flavors to snacks and noodle cake)
-Texture & Flavor improve #4 (for application of noodle cake and to
improve overall texture and mouth feel)
-Texture & Flavor improver #5 (Vegetarian version of texture and
flavor improver #1)
-Texture & Flavor improver #8 (substitute starches, replace potato
flake without losing the unique appealing flavor of potato taste and
aroma, thus reducing cost)

3) BEVERAGE FLAVORING – enjoying food through its taste, texture
and aroma by adding flavoring

-Red Apple
-Green Apple
-Blue Berry

4) SEASONING – We create seasoning to customers’ preferences to
provide the difference and distinctive tastes among the competitors.

-BBQ Series
• Sweet BBQ of Cheese
• Spicy BBQ with authentic Szechuan mixed spice
• Meaty note with aromatic BBQ spice
• Aromatic Smoky BBQ with sweet and spicy
• Oriental grilled beef BBQ
• Delicate spicy oriental grilled beef
• Mexican BBQ, savory hickory smoked
• Parprika smoky BBQ
• Grilled potato flavor with savory BBQ mixed spices
• Sweet & flavor BBQ with seafood blend
• Sweet & Flavor BBQ with tinge of grilled seaweed

-Meat Series
• Beef Satay, grilled spicy beef with coconut profile
• Beef Steak , delicious grilled and slightly charred meaty
beef profile
• Black pepper Beef, scorched beef steak marinated with
black pepper sauce
• Onion Beef , oriental style stir fried beef with onion
• Yakiniku Karubi, Aromatic Korean Beef BBQ profile
• Boiled Chicken meat with Oriental spice blend (chicken
• Slight fatty chicken with a tinge of curry spices profile
(chicken 2000B)
• Roast Chicken, Honey grilled chicken steak profile
• Spicy Chicken, aromatic spicy BBQ Chicken meat profile
• Hot Spicy Chicken, spicy roasted chicken
• Meaty Hot spice, delicious hot and spicy char-grilled meat

- Oriental Series
• Chilli 2000A, Aromatic Chilli with a balanced meaty booster
• Ethican 2000A, Authentic Hot and spicy BBQ profile
• Hot sour chilli, Blend of aromatic BBQ spices , mild hotness
• Masala 2000A, Hot indian curry profile
• Okonomiyaka, Savory Japanese Pancake with rich fruity
sweet & sour note
• Oriental spice, hot & spicy with an unique and distinct Thai
Fish Sauce Flavor
• Teriyaki, Japaneses grilled chicken, sweet and slightly

- Vegetables Series
• Chilli Garlic, aromatic toasted garlic with slight tinge of chilli
• Garlic & Onion, authentic well balance garlic & Onion spice
• Kimuchi, Authentic Korea spicy seasoned vegetable profile
• Nori Wasabi, grilled seaweed with Japanese horseradish
• Pepper Garlic, spicy peppery roasted garlic profile
• Potato vegetable, sautéed potatoe slightly hot
• Toasted Garlic, toasted garlic aroma with slight meaty profile
• Seaweed, savory seasoned grilled seaweed profile
• Spicy Tomato, sharp hot tangy spiced fresh tomato profile
• Spinach, oriental style stir-fried vegetable with aromatic
fried garlic profile
• Tomato ketchup – sweet fruity fresh natural tomato profile
• Tomato ketchup – Sweet & Citrus cooked tomato profile
• Vegetable 2000A, spicy vegetable & herb blend
• Vegetable 2000B, spicy vegetable & spice mix with meaty
chicken note
• Wasabi, sharp Japanese wasabi with tinge of seafood profile

- Sweet Series
• Caramel popcorn, Sweet & aromatic caramel profile
• Buttermilk, Aromatic Sweet & Creamy rich butter profile
• Cinnamon French Toast, toasted bread flavored with
cinnamon sugar
• Corn milk, Rich cheesy & milky sweet corn profile
• Roasted corn 2000A, aromatic savory grilled sweet corn
with cheesy note
• Roasted corn 2000B, Tasty oriental grilled savory corn
• Sweet Corn, delicate milky cream corn profile
• Texas Corn, roasted sweet corn profile

- Cheese Series
• Cheese 2000A, oriental Sweet Creamy Cheese profile
• Cheese 2000B, aged cheese with savory onion profile
• Cheese & Onion, Rich Tangy & Creamy Aged Cheese
• Cheddar Cheese, Milky Cheddar Cheese
• Nacho Cheese, Delicious lightly spiced savory cheese

- Seafood Series
• Chilli pepper crab, oriental sweet creamy cheese profile
• Crab 2000A, crab salad with cheesy note
• Shrimp, Delicious and aromatic grilled shrimp profile
• Sze Chuan shrimp, baked shrimp mixed with spicy Szechuan
spices blend
• Wasabi Lobster, grilled cheesy lobster with Japanese
horseradish profile

- Western Series

• Mexican Salsa, Hot & spicy Tabasco profile
• Nacho Salsa, spicy savory cheese with authentic salsa
spice blend
• Pizza, Tangy melted cheese with fragrant pizza topping
• Sour Cream & Onion, delectable creamy fresh sour cream
with onion spiced profile
• Spaghetti, Authentic tangy fresh tomato spaghetti sauce

- Vegetarian Series
• Vegetarian Chinese Beef, Oriental vegetarian beef flavored
with five spice profile
• Vegetarian BBQ, Hickory smoked Mxican BBQ profile
• Vegetarian Chicken BBQ, vegetarian version of grilled
chicken steak profile

- Oil Seasoning Series
• Beef oil seasoning, aromatic charred –grilled steaky beef
oil emulsion
• BBQ Oil Seasoning, SzeChuan Style spicy BBQ Oil emulsion
• Pizza Oil seasoning, Authentic Cheesy Pizza oil emulsion
• Tomato BBQ Oil Seasoning, Baked Citrus Fresh Mixed with
spices profile

- Noodle Soup Series
• Beef Noodle Soup2000A , Beef bullion soup profile
• Beef Noodle soup 2000B, Rich & delicious spiced Oriental
Beef Bullion profile
• Chicken Noodle Soup 2000A, Rich and wholesome meaty
Chicken consommé profile
• Chicken Noodle Soup 2000B, Chicken and vegetable
consommé broth profile
• Chicken Noodle Soup 2000C, Tasty Oriental Chicken Broth
enriched with spices
• Masala Noodle Soup2000A, delectable hot Indian-favored
curry noodle soup profile
• Masala Noodle Soup 2000B, meaty chicken curry-spiced
noodle soup profile
• Spicy Seafood Soup, delicious spicy seafood mixed soup

Packing : 25 kgs per box
Analysis Certificate, Health Certificate are available.
LCL or FCL shipment acceptable.

Contact Information

Contact PersonMolly Lek
Telephone65-63242811, 65-9049
Address163B Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068616
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