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Salt Evaporator

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Salt Evaporator

Salt Evaporator can be used for low temperature continuous evaporation and concentration,and its feature is high heat transmission coeffcient and short heating time of material.It is especially suitable for materails with thermal sensitivity,viscosity,or foamability.This type of evaporator is widely applied to the industries of salt manufacturing,milk,glucose,starch,xylose,pharmacy,chemical,biological engineering,environmental engineering,waste liquid recycling and so on.


The Sodium evaporator is composed of the heating evaporators for each effect,segregator for each effect,condensor,heat pressure pump,vaccum system,feed liquid conveying pump for effect,condensed water outlet pump,operating platform,control cabinet of electrical appliances,pipleline and so on.

Features of sodium evaporator

1.Due to the even heating of steam and flow evaporation of feed liquid film type,the whole heating system features high heat transmission efficiency and short heating time. Equipped with a heat pressure pump,our evaporator is energy-saving and features low steam consumption and low cooled water circulation volume.

2.The material is evaporated flowingly under increased pressure and speed, along the pipe wall from upper to down. Therefore the evaporator is suitable for materails with high viscosity.

3.Since ther material is of film evaporation in each pipe,the heating time of feed liquid is very short.Hence,our sodium chloride evaporator is perfectly suitable for the evaporation and concentraion of food,and could greatly keep the nutrients in food.

4.The evaporation is performed under the vacuum condtion,which not only meets the requirements of hygiene and environment protection,but also greatly lowers the evaporating temperature. The heat pressure pump used in our evaporator takes partial secondary steam into device again and make it mix with live steam, which greatly reduces steam consumption.The steam in the heat pressure pump sprays out like the mist and enters into the heating casing,and then spreads quickly and heats the feed liquid mildly.So our sodium chloride evaporator can be used to evaporate thermal sensitive materials.

5.This evaporation equipment is also suitable for materials with foamabilty.The feed liquid is of film evaporation in the heating tube,which forms steam-liquid separation.In addition,most feed liquid is pumped out, and only at a small amout of feed liquid and all secondary steam enter into the segregator for forced separation.There is no big impact in the whole process,which avoid the forming foam.
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