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We equally have dried shark fins, dried with no smell or mildew, straight cuts and are all in excellent sizes.Dried sea cucumber ,shark jaws and shark teeth for sale.Dried fish maw, dried teet fish and dried sand fish.
Telephone+66635134094AddressLad Phrao 112
MEELk is 70% Whole Milk Powder and 30% Whey Protein Concentrate that has a creamy milky taste. One spoon of yellowish powder contains high High Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E,...
Telephone6625437178Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd, Minburi, Bangkok, Thailand
Basil Seed drink in bowling glass bottle is available in more than 35 flavors.
Telephone+66860827166AddressLEVEL29, 388 EXCHANGE TOWER, KLONGTOEY, BANGKOK 10110
We are a manufacturer of fresh coconut cream spray dried 45-50% fat into powder with the aim to save space and energy consumption for long term storage. It is highly concentrated a...
Telephone3325437178Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd,Minburi, Bangkok
We are Goody World co., Ltd as the dried fruit manufacturer and exporter from Thailand since 2009. We are proudly to present our new product as below: This is Dried Mango from Thailand.
We are a legitimate and reliable Distribution Company of energy drinks. As an official Distributor with the exlusive rights to distribute, our drinks are 100% guaranteed as original.
Telephone+(66)622724750Address328/1 Pattaya Rd., Bang Lamung, Chon Buri ,20150 ,Thailand
We are manufacturing and exporting non dairy creamer with 33% and 35% fat. It is free flowing power and designed for coffee, tea,cookies, bread, cake,doughnut, bakery or mix as milk powder.
Telephone6625437178Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd
White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45ICUMSA: 45 Place of Origin: Thailand Primary Ingredient: Cane Sugar Type: Cane Sugar Thai origin White Refined sugar Icumsa 45 Fit for Human Consumption Polarization: 99, 80 % minimum Moisture: 00.
Telephone0066926759824AddressSai Noi 11150 Nonthaburi
N-Preserb is used to substitute Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate. It is synthetic which has property in control acid & alkaline ph. In other words, it can control the growth of all bacteria .
Telephone6625437178Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd
We are Puangthong Fhaungfung Mill Base in Thailand ,we Want to inform the world that we now have excess In Stock to supply . Our Products always lead the way in this field, and we ...
Telephone+66971682450Address150 Moo 3 Bangkraso, Kangsanamnang
We are producers of certified Halal and non Halal Frozen Chicken and we are looking for serious buyers to extend our long term business. We supply at both CIF and FOB terms at any port safe port without any problem.
We manufacture and export Durian Powder with good quality for cake, mooncake and coffee. It is 100% pure durian produced by freeze dried process. It gives natural smell, pure sweet, good taste and well-dissolved.
Telephone6625437179Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd
We are looking for a direct Manufacturer and exporter of Refined Soyabean Oil to Supply an ORDER of: PRODUCT: REFINED SOYABEAN OIL QUANTITY: 1000 Metric Tons x 12 Months (Up to 5000mt / month) DESTINATION: Managua Port DELIVERY: CIF.
Telephone632810817AddressC / CANDI BAYES BARCELONA
We are a manufacturer of sweetened condensed milk powder which is ideal for many kinds of beverage especially tea and coffee drinks. It gives strong sweet, good taste, and suppress the sour of coffee.
Telephone+6625437179Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd
We are manufacturing and exporting Native Tapioca Starch. It is ingredient to increase viscosity of soup, used as binder and flavor support in meat balls and fish balls. The produc...
Telephone+6625437179Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd
We are manufacturing and exporting modified tapioca starch with food grades for noodles, sauce, meatballs, snacks, cracker, and frozen foods. To compare with native starch, our Mod...
Telephone6625437179Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd
Mixed Phosphate,a food grade polyphosphates and food materials in a ratio to provide excellent performance in mainly fish and shrimp. BENEFITS: Thaifood-M (Food Additive)1.Increasing yield.
Telephone6625437179Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd
We are manufacturer who produce several type of Coconut palm sugar.Formerly, the coconut palm sugar was unheeded. Most people thought it is a local product which may not contain hy...
Telephone6621830452AddressBangchan, Klongsamwa, Bangkok, Thailand
Meelk performs as a direct replacement for skimmed milk, full cream milk,fresh milk and etc. Meelk helps in saving cost in bakery or food production,therefore. For example, for pou...
Telephone6625437178Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd
Kami is flavor seasoning powder and being helper to make foods more savory. It is made of raw material ingredients with high premium and good for your health such as shiitake, yeast extract, garlic, soy sauce and white pepper.
Telephone6625437178Address91/38-39 Suwinthawong Rd