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TechnologyWaterMicronWorld International Atmospheric Water Generation Technology, Using the humidity in the atmosphere to generate water from 15 liters up to a maximum of 5,000 liters per day.
BrandAWG-Water From AirTagsAtmospheric Water Generators
We are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of office paper, copy paper, offset paper, newspaper, printings. We are successfully manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide gamut of A4 Photocopier Paper.
BrandPaperline Gold A4 Copy PaperTagsOffrice Paper , A4 Paper , Printing Paper , Double A4 copy paper , Packaging & Printing
BGF French Green Float GlassAvailable in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm.
BrandBGFTagsTinted/Colored Float glass
BGF clear Float GlassAvailable in 4mm, 5nmm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm12mm custom order.
BrandBGFTagsFloat Glass
Our product is a natural hair loss treatment for women with proven efficacy, formulated with a combination of 3 active ingredients that has been developed to restore the beauty of the hair.
BrandLov HairTagsHair loss treatment
Our marcasite has 2 shapes, round and square:Round shape:PP2 >0.90-1.00PP3 >1.00-1.10PP4 >1.10-1.20PP5 >1.20-1.30PP6 >1.30-1.35PP7 >1.35-1.40PP8 >1.40-1.50PP9 >1.50-1.60PP10 >1.60-1.
BrandNICOMANTagsmarcasite, marcasite stone, แมกกาไซด์
Bales & Scrap paper with high quality Product TypeWaste PaperType OCC, ONP, OMG, YELLOW PAGES, A3, A4 WASTE PAPER PackingBALE (1.2-1.4 TONS/ BALE)FeatureMixed & NOT MIXEDQuantity40...
- Passion frozen origin Thailand- Tastiness as fresh passion- Packaging size 1 kg./ bag and 10 kg./carton- Frozen passion pulp with seed and non seed- 24 months shelf life- Storage under 18 degree- Incoterm : FOB/CIF/C/F- IQF process.
BrandChimTagsfrozen passion fruit, frozen passion fruit pulp,frozen passion fruit pulp with seed, frozen passion fruit puree, frozen passion fruit with seeds.frozen passionfruit
Thai A4 Copy Paper Manufacturers Co., Ltd is a major Manufacturer and Supplier of Office Copy Papers in Thailand. Thai A4 Copy Paper Manufacturers Co., one of the leading distribut...
BrandDouble A PaperTagsphotocopy paper, FAX paper, A4 paper, paper 80gsm, 70gsm paper, 75gr paper, 90gsm paper, 100gsm paper, paperone paper, double a, paper one, navigator universal paper, ik paper, inkjet paper, laser paper, A4 Paper, Double A4 Copy Paper, Printing Paper, printing papersCopy Paper, A4 Print Paper, Double A4 Paper, A4 Copy Paper
Thai A4 Copy Paper Manufacturers Co., Ltd is a major Manufacturer and Supplier of Office Copy Papers in Thailand. Thai A4 Copy Paper Manufacturers Co., one of the leading distribut...
BrandDouble A PaperTagscopy paper
Cable assembly with Molex, Cable assembly with Molex connector.
BrandConExTagsCable assembly with Molex, cable assy Molex
Wire harness with JST, Hi precision wire harness with JST connector.
BrandConExTagswire harness JST, wire assy JST
Cable assembly with Connector and sub assy with metal panel.
BrandConExTagsCable assembly, wire harness, panel assembly, conn.assembly
Special cable assembly with panel board for machinery equipment.
BrandConExTagscable assembly thailand, special cable thailand, wire harness thailand
COCORN Charcoal is high quality charcoal made of by products from agriculture, such as coconut shells and corncobs, recycled as an energy source. NEFECO Co,.Ltd. has researched and...
BrandNEFECOTagscharcoal, charcoal briquettes, coconut shell, coconut shell charcoal, charcoal briquettes, charcoal coconut, BBQ charcoal
Brilliant combination design of coconut shell charcoal for a new indulge!! in shisha/hookah smoking. The design can be found as the ring, this making driving through more oxygen in better heating.
BrandNEFECOTagscoconut shell charcoal, charcoal, charcoal Thailand, charcoal briquettes, shisha charcoal, hookah charcoal, hookah, shisha
Red Bull 250mlOrigin: AustriaText: English / Chinese/ German/ French/ Rusian/ Spanish/ ITFlavor:optional,fruit juice,coconut flavor,milk flavor,coffee flavorType: Energy DrinkCans ...
BrandRedBullTagsEnergy Drinks, RedBull Energy Drinks 250ml, RedBull, drinks
BRIC is specialized in dealing with rubies of all shades, from the deepest red to the lightest pinkish hues. Our rubies are classified into groups according to their color. Deep Re...
BrandbricTagsmyanmar (burma) ruby oval 7x5
We are the largest Manufacturers of A4 Copy Papers in Thailand, Copy Paper, A4 Print Paper, Double A4 Paper, A4 Copy Paper, A4 Papers, A4 Paper Wrapping Machine, Paper A4, A4 Paper...
BrandA4 Copy PaperTagsDouble A4 copy paper , A4 copy paper, Copy paper,office copy paper,paper one ,paperline
CUBE SHISHA CHARCOALWithout chemicals, Odorless and smokelessUsing only pure high-end coconut shell in cube shape charcoal is rare to find in general wide shisha/hookah!! Including...
BrandNEFECOTagscharcoal, coconut shell charcoal, shisha charcoal, charcoal briquette