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EXIM Asian International Trading Group, big, sweet, crispy apples are handpicked or if you want, Mechanical picked at their finest, bursting with unforgettable flavor.Other apples ...
BrandOEM Service availableTagsApple, fresh apple, gala apple, fuji apple, red delicious apple, golden delicious apple, red apple, yellow apple, green apple, granny smith
• 100% Natural and high quality Kishmish ( Raisin )• EXIM Asian’s Kismis is sweet in flavor as compared with other raisin varieties.• Our varieties: Golden Raisin, Green Ra...
BrandEXIM Asian (OEM)Tagsgreen raisin, currants, sultanas, golden raisin
Description•RICH TASTE: Add flavor to mouth-watering soups or stews, pizza, or pasta sauces with this thick sweet tomato paste, cooked down using whole tomatoes that are made from the finest ingredients, picked at the peak of freshness.
BrandMosaffa or Buyer’s brandTagstomato paste, processed food, canned food, aseptic tomato paste
The mineral calcite is the major or sole constituent of most commercialcalcium carbonate products. These include natural limestone, marble, andchalk, plus most precipitated calcium carbonate.
BrandRKPTagsmineral, calcium carbonate, lime, lime stone
•ALL TYPES - We have most of varieties of dates with high-quality; Sayer (Estamaran), Kabkab, Mazafati, Zahedi, Rabbi, Piarom, Khasoei, Medjool, Shahani and Kaloote.•DELICIOUS ...
BrandEXIM Asian (OEM)Tagsdates, wet date, dry date, iranian date, fresh date, dried date,
It has a wonderful combination of a black background with natural gold and white and streaks. Deep and luminous at the same time, this black marble has an enigmatic and complex per...
BrandArlostoneTagsblack marble, marble slab, flooring marble, marble tile, polished marble, wall marble, natural stone
Traonyx is an awesome combination of travertine and onyx. In other words, it`s varying proportions semi-travertine and semi-onyx structure. This stone is from sedimentary rocks and...
BrandArlostoneTagstravertine, beige travertine, travertine slab, travertine tile, karmania travertine
This premium quality, walnut travertine exhibits beautiful Coffee, Beige, and White colors. Walnut Travertine is a calm and earthy stone, known for its rich shades of gold, deep mocha, and creamy ivory veins.
BrandArlostoneTagstravertine, beige travertine, travertine slab, travertine tile
Explosion white is undoubtedly one of the authentic marbles of Iran. The white background with an explosion of gray and black colors represents a stunning piece of nature. Beautifu...
BrandArlostoneTagswhite marble, gray marble, marble slab, flooring marble, marble tile, polished marble
Vena Silver marble is one of the most versatile stones in the range of our products due to its matching color, acceptance, and compatibility. The dark brownish-gray background cont...
BrandArlostoneTagsgrey marble, gray marble, marble slab, flooring marble, marble tile, honed marble
Wood vinegar or pyroligneous acid is a natural, biological product that is used in various industries such as agriculture, husbandry, food industry and medicine. While there are ma...
BrandGreen Side of the FenceTagsOrganic Pesticide Fertilizer Agriculture
Our Dried Barberry, also known as “Zereshk”, will add a mouthful of sweet and sour to any of your favorite recipes. Whether you’re cooking a Persian rice dish or experimentin...
BrandEXIMAsianTagsberry, barberry, barberry price, dried barrbery price, iranian dried barberry,
Iranian pistachios & kernel.There are four different types of Iranian pistachios.1. Super long ( Akbari )2. Long ( Ahmad Aghaee )3. Round ( Fandoghi )4. Jumbo ( Kalleh Ghouchi )We provide it in both way raw and salty.
BrandEXIMAsianTagsPistachio, Pistachio salty, nuts, pistachio kernel, raw pistachio, iranian pistachio
We Deal In All Kinds Of Emeralds, . We transform Rough Emerald .Buyers interested in doing business with us can contact us. . We r looking to do business in other markets such as Europe, Australia, Canda.
Raw Pure Asrtagalus Honey from the heart of Iran, the best quality and top of the range honey with custom design jar.
BrandBehnikTagsRaw Pure Honey
We supply from our well-known brand in China very high quality titanium dioxide rutile and anatas grades at competitive prices. We welcome your inquiries.
BrandWell-known brand in ChinaTagsTitanium Dioxide
Our factory in China is a top producer of all types of graphite electrodes UHP,HP,graphite rods,etc.Our products are very high quality meeting our customers' requirements. We welcome your inquiries.
BrandRAYTagsGraphite Electrodes
We supply all types of very high quality steel products including sheets,coils,bars,tubes,pipes,etc.from well-known mills in China. We welcome your inquiries.
BrandWell-known brands in ChinaTagsSteel
We supply very high quality natural rubber and synthetic rubber from well-known brands in Thailand,Indonesia,Vietnam,and Malaysia at competitive prices. We welcome your inquiries.
BrandThailand,Indonesia,Vietnam,MalaysiaTagsNatural Rubber
Rani juice, Rani 240 ml JUICE.