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Man sweater, Good quality sweater.
BrandRiver IslandTags%50 acrylic %50 cotton sweater
complete extrusion machines for PE pipe, PPR pipe, PVC pipe , PE-RT pipe, PA pipe, PE-X pipe.
BrandKuatro-PlastTagsextruder, plastic pipe machines
Shoe Boxes, production of all kinds of shoe boxes.
BrandProducing Shoe boxesTagsEvery kind of boxes
Dimension:30cm × 100m Color:Black Material:Polyethylene (PE) Target:Tuta Absoluta – tomato pinworm, Whitefly, Aphid, Fruit fly (Drosophila), Thrips and other pests. Purpose:Mass...
Please contact with us for mnore informationsnadide (at) rchemie.com.
BrandPOWER OILTagsTransformer Oil, Naphthenic Transformer Oil
OLAR Snowmoile 2T oil is an advanced performance, full synthetic, two-stroke engine oil developed to meet or exceed the highest level of lubricant requirements by today's high...
BrandOLARTagsSnowmobile Oil, synthetic 2T oil, synthetic motor oil, two stroke motor oil, 2 stroke engine oil, synthetic 2T
OLAR SUPER 4T 10W40 is an advanced four-stroke motorcycle engine oil. It will help keep 4 -stroke engines running clean protecting even in extreme operating conditions. Feature and...
BrandOLARTagsMotorcycle oil, racing oil, 4T 10W40, Four stroke engine oil, four stroke motor oil
OLAR ATF +4 Synthetic Blend ATF is a premium formulation of synthetic base oils and highly sophisticated additive package that provides superior protection and performance in trans...
BrandOLARTagsATFIV, ATF IV, ATF Dexron 4 , Automatic Transmission Fluid, Transmission Fluid
OLAR Anti-freeze is a superior ethylene glycol based anti-freeze&coolant concentrate developed in combination of special anti-corrosion additives to be used in the cooling systems of all petrol and diesel vehicles for all seasons.
BrandOLARTagsAnti-freeze, Coolant, Antigel
OLAR 80W90 are designed to provide high protection and improved shift ability for manual transmissions, gears and transaxles. They have the appropriate coefficient of friction for most manual transmissions synchronizers.
BrandOLARTagsGear Oil, Synthetic Gear Oil, 80W90
OLAR ATF 3 is a premium quality automatic transmission fluid made from highly refined base stocks in combination with advanced additive technology that reduces friction for smooth gear-shifting.
BrandOLARTagsAutomatic Transmission Fluid, Transmission Fluid, ATF dexron 3, ATF III, ATF3, CVT
OLAR 5W-40 is a high performance engine oil based on selected synthetic base oils in combination with high performance additives. It provides outstanding thermal and oxidation stab...
BrandOLARTagssynthetic 5W40, synthetic motor oil, synthetic engine oil, 5W40 SN
OLAR 10W-40 is fuel economy, universal motor oil developed according the most recent technology, based on specially selected synthetic base-stocks and a well balanced choice of advanced additives.
BrandOLARTagssynthetic 10W40, motor oil, synthetic motor oil, synthetic engine oil, 10W40 SN
OLAR 5W-30 is a high quality, Fully synthetic oil for all modern engine. It has superior protection compared to mineral based oil, it has good anti-oxidation property. Reduce frict...
BrandOLARTagssynthetic 5W30, synthetic motor oil, synthetic engine oil
Dimension: 30cm × 100m▸ Color: Yellow▸ Material: Polyethylene (PE)▸ Target: The Whitefly, Aphid, Fruit Flies, Thrips and other pests.▸ Purpose: Mass-trapping▸ Applicatio...
Our company manufactures mattress protector and liquid proof mattress protector.We are producing two groups of liquid proof mattress protectors: 80% cotton, 20% polyester and 100% polyester.
BrandMislinaTagsmattress protector, mattress
Modifiye polimer esaslı su bazlı emülsiyondur. Uygulandığı alanda kür bitiminde şeffaf,eksiz,suda çözünmeyen film tabaka oluşturur. Yüzeylerin hazırlanmasında ve kılcal gözeneklerin tıkanmasında duvar su izolasyonunda kullanılır.
BrandDKS KİMYATagsDuvar Rutubet İzolasyonu
DKS – 120T Su bazlı modifiye polimer emülsiyondur .Su ile inceltilerek uygulanacak alanlardaki kılcal çatlak ve gözeneklerin kapatılmasını sağlar.Çok geniş uygulama alanına sahiptir.
BrandDKS KİMYATagsNem ve Rutubet önleyici ürün
200ml and 250ml cup waters330ml,500ml,1.5 L,5 L,19 L pet bottles.
BrandAsyaTagsdrink,beverage,water,mineral water,spring water,soft drink
we produce all kinds of fabrics for shirts for men, women and kids.we can provide a big variety of compositions.
Brandıpek TekstılTagsfabrics shirting shirts