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SHOW® Shoe Polish is made of carnauba waxes by micronization. With its natural wax formula it refreshes the leather and brings to life. It moisturizes your shoes and gives them longer life.
BrandSHOWTagsShoe Polish
CAT 6 U/UTP data cable is produced according to ISO IEC 61156-5 and TIA 568-C.2 requirements, an excellent choice to support all Class E applications like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet.
BrandUpcomTagsCat6, Cat 6, Data Lan Cable, Ethernet cable, lan cable, cat6 lan cable
IP rated 19 inch outdoor rack cabinet (outdoor street cabinet) is available as Pole/Wall Mounting and Free standing options. Outdoor IP rated cabinet protects your equipments which are carrying vital importance for communication.
BrandUpcomTagsIP55 outdoor cabinet, outdoor 19" rack cabinet, outdoor network cabinet, rack cabinet, 19" rack
19 Free Standing rack network cabinets provide a robust, cost-effective enclosure solution. FS-Line offers you a flexible and comprehensive solution for your network installations ...
BrandUpcomTags19" rack cabinet, network cabinet, rack cabinet, 19" rack, server cabinet, datacenter
UP-FOC is a cable blowing machine to fit fiber optic cables into ducts by using of compressed air. So Duct Diameters shall be 32mm, 40mm and 50mm. Furthermore we are capable of producing regulating parts for various duct diameters.
BrandUP-FOC Cable blowing machineTagsCable Blowing Machine, jetting machine, blowing machine, air blowing machine, hydraulic cable blowing machine, cable installation machine, cable placement machine
CLT Non-Metallic Armored SJ CableCLT Non-Metallic Armored SJ Cable A-DQ(BN)2Y–CLT “ designs are the economical option for low fiber counts. Robust structure is a good solution ...
BrandUpcomTagsFiber Optic Cable, un-Armored Fiber optic cable, Loose tube, duct buried fiber optic cable
The Central Loose Tube Armored Single PE Jacket Outdoor Type Fiber Optic Cable designs are the economical option for low fiber counts. Robust structure is a good solution for acces...
BrandUpcomTagsFiber Optic Cable, Armored Fiber optic cable, Loose tube, Direct buried fiber optic cable, duct buried fiber optic cable
30/1 Combed Full Lyc Single Jersey, 30/1 Combed Full Lyc Single Jersey.
BrandNorma Fabric and YarnTagscombed cotton
We produce pillow filling automation lines, carding machines, bale openers,, fibre openers, sac, toy, jacket, pillow filling machines, Waste Apparel and Textile Recycling Machines....
BrandCMTagsPillow filling machine
Steel Frame Bridge Components Production and Assembly works at construction site.
BrandOMKON Developed Project or Ready Project ConstructionTagsSteel Structure, Steel Bridge, Steel Bridge Production
plastic case plastic bucket plastic palletfiberglass storage tanks.
BrandtekmaTagsplastic case plastic bucket plastic pallet fiberglass storage tanks
Bilkim produce sculturing waxes and modeling waxes for all purposes and seasons.
BrandpolywaxTagsdental modeling wax
The POLYWAX SPRUE WAXES can be used int the process of patterns. In lower temperature, without compromising the quality of the mold the wax melts for a clean burnout and flexible yet firm enough for spruing and mounting pattern.
BrandpolywaxTagssprue wax
POLYCURE LC PATTERN RESIN is a red pigmented viscous light-cured, methacrylatebased utility resin and delivered via syringe. It is used for making patterns for fabricating copings, post and core build-ups and implant attachments.
BrandpolywaxTagslight cure
POLYCURE LC BLOCK OUT RESIN is a blue pigmented viscous light-cured, methacrylatebased utility resin and delivered via syringe. It is used for creating reservoir space in bleaching...
BrandpolywaxTagslight cure
The CLASP WAX produced by BILKIM is ideal and accurate, tough and coefficient of thermal expansion of small and good performance. There are many sizes and kinds for you to choose from.
BrandpolywaxTagsclasp wax
POLYCONE SILICONE DUPLICATING MATERIAL is used for any duplication requiring the ultimate in accuracy. Mixing Ratio is 1 part base to 1 part catalyst by volume or weight. set includes 1liter base + 1 liter catalyst + 1 measuring cup.
The Polywax® hard wax is a full body depilatory wax . The Polywax® hard wax can be applied safely in areas of the body such as the face and the delicate areas. Available in block (500 gr) and bead form (250 gr).
BrandpolywaxTagsdepilatory wax
The Study Model offers the perfect models to explore learned dentistry basics.
BrandpolywaxTagsstudy model