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LAG-S400 Infrared Converter Slag Detection System OverviewThe infrared converter slag detection system uses a far-infrared thermal imager to monitor the situation of converter tapp...
BrandZFYTagsConverter Slag Detection
LDC-X200 Laser Diameter Measurement System OverviewThe non-contact diameter measuring system, is mainly used in the measurement of the outer diameter of various wire rods, bars, wires and pipes.
BrandZFYTagswire rods diameter
WGS-L020 Flat Steel/Ribbon Iron Width Measuring System OverviewWhether the width and thickness of the flat steel/ribbon iron width measurement device can meet the standard in the p...
BrandZFYTagsRibbon Iron Width Measuring
MLC-V235 Continuous Casting Mold Level Automatic Measurement System OverviewThe automatic control for the molten steel level of the mold is one of the key technologies of continuous casting production.
BrandZFYTagsCasting Mold Level Measurement
MAC-G350 Automatic Mold Flux Feeding Machine OverviewThe MAC-G350 automatic mold flux feeding system is a mold flux feeding equipment that adopts the method of pneumatic transmission flux feeding.
BrandZFYTagsMold Flux Feeding Machine
MOC-K100 Mould Online Oscillation Monitoring System OverviewMold is the casting billet forming equipment in continuous steel casting, and it is also the core equipment and key technology of continuous casting machine.
BrandZFYTagsmold oscillation monitor
Infrared/Laser Cut-to-Length Cutting System OverviewThe all-digital non-contact infrared automatic cut-to-length cutting system developed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd.
BrandZFYTagsbillet cut to length
Mould Online Width Adjustment and Taper Measurement OverviewIn order to meet the needs of producing various specifications of continuously cast products, shorten the time for repla...
BrandZFYTagscasting mold with adjustment
Mould Oscillation and Deflection Detection Instrument OverviewThe mold is a device that shapes the cast product in continuous steel casting, and it is also the core equipment and key technology of continuous casting machine.
BrandZFYTagsMould Oscillation Detection
LDT-L200 Ladle Lining Laser Thickness Gauge OverviewLDT-L200 is a new generation of ladle lining thickness gauge launched by our company. The system equipment emits a pulsed laser ...
BrandZFYTagsLadle Lining Thickness
SPD-V010 Handheld Roll Gap Checker Overview The handheld roll gap checker is specially used to measure the length between spherical surface, arc surface and plane (or spherical surface).
BrandZFYTagsHandheld Roll Gap Checker
MDC-K120 Slab Mold Taper Measuring Instrument OverviewThe taper of the narrow face of the mold has an important influence on the quality of the casting billet. Excessive taper will...
BrandZFYTagsSlab Mold Taper Measuring
MDC-K400 Square and Round Billet Taper Measuring Instrument The product descriptionThe square, rectangular and round billet taper measuring instrument adopts high-precision displac...
BrandZFYTagsRound Billet Taper Measuring
LAG-S100 Ladle Slag Detection System (Eddy Current) OverviewThe continuous casting ladle slag detection device is used to detect the slag content of the ladle nozzle in the steelma...
BrandZFYTagsSlag Detection in Steelmaking
SPD-V020 Multifunctional Strand Condition Monitor OverviewIn the production process of the multifunctional strand condition monitor, in order to ensure the quality of the slab, it ...
BrandZFYTagsStrand Condition Monitor
LAG-S200 Ladle Slag Detection System (Vibration Type) OverviewThe continuous casting vibration type ladle slag detection device is used to detect the slag content of the ladle nozz...
BrandZFYTagsLadle Slag Detection
Handheld Thermocouple Calibrator Model: LGK-JS02-064OverviewLGK-JS02-064 handheld thermocouple calibrator is a product independently developed and designed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co.
BrandZFYTagsThermocouple Calibrator
BPS-K600 Mould Breakout Prediction System Overview:The BPS-K600 continuous casting mould breakout prediction system is developed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Measuring Co., Ltd. It adop...
BrandZFYTagsCasting Mould Breakout Prediction