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Agricultural LED Grow Lights | Impressive Edge Group Berhad | Malaysia.
BrandImpressive Edge Group BerhadTagsAgricultural LED Lights, Grow Lights, Green Lights
The use of ParyleneParylene serves multiple purposes including – electrical insulation – moisture and chemical isolation – mechanical protection – enhanced lubricity, and – surface consolidation to avert flaking or dusting.
BrandParylene Coating SolutionTagsParylene Coating Solution, Parylene Coating Services
IE LED Tube Light and Down Light offer a higher output compared to traditional light.Advantages include:Long life span (LED 35k hours vs normal 10k hours) Brighter illumination (LE...
BrandImpressive Edge Group BerhadTagsLED Lights, LED Tube Lights, LED Down Lights, LED Grow Lights, LED Light Manufacturer
IE is equipped with the capabilities to design, develop and re-engineer standard and customized equipment for customer needs. We are specialized in the field of forming, cutting, stamping, and singulation equipment.
BrandImpressive Edge Group BerhadTagsEquipment Engineering
IE Group Berhad specializes in the design and development of jigs and fixtures for all areas.
BrandImpressive Edge Group BerhadTagsJigs and Fixtures, Jigs & Fixtures
IE manufacture high precision tooling in the areas listed below: – Precision Tooling & Part– Degate Tools– Ultra Precision Pins & Punches– Ultra Precision Die & Die Inserts...
BrandImpressive Edge Group BerhadTagsHigh Precision Tooling, High Precision Machining, High Precision Fabrication