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As we know, the flange and foot mounted safety chuck is extensive applied in unwinding machine, and NAB pneumatic disc brake, HMC air brake, DBH horizontal caliper disc brake, DBG ...
BrandHandongTagspillow mounted safety chuck tension control, equal Boschert safety chuck and air brake
Flange safety chuck is one type of manual safety chuck, it is widely applied in rewinding and unwinding machine for roller material holding. It has FLO/W28, FLO/W35, FLO/W50 and FLO/W75 four models.
BrandHandongTagsfoot safety chuck work with air disc brake, safety chuck and NAB air brake tension control
Safety chuck can be used with steel bar for roller material winding and unwinding, except that this flange and foot mounted safety chuck is also can work with NAC pneumatic clutch together for tension control.
BrandHandongTagsflange safety chuck air friction clutch, foot mounted safety chuck air shaft clutch
STO/W35 safety chuck cooperatd with ESB250 manual brake is very popular, they are used for tension control in packing and printing machine.As we know, this flange and pillow safety...
BrandHandongTagsSTO/W28 safety chuck ESB200 hand brake, manual operation safety chuck and brake
As usually, safety chuck matches with ESB manual brake for tension control, it is hand operation. Four models of flange and pillow mounted safety chuck are available.Safety chuck t...
BrandHandongTagsSTO/W28 safety chuck and ESB200 manual brake, ESB250 hand brake work with safety chuck
Sliding safety chuck is an update safety chuck based on standard regular safety chuck. It can be moved left and right in a certain stroke. There are three models of this sliding sa...
BrandHandongTagssliding safety chuck with air shaft, SKOF/SKWF28 moved sliding safety chuck
Just as standard safety chuck, this sliding safety chuck is also can be made with flange and pillow mounted two modes. SKOF/SKWF flange mounted safety chuck and SKO/W pillow mounte...
BrandHandongTagsSKOF/SKWF flange mounted sliding safety chuck, left and right sliding safety chuck
SKO/W SKOF/SKWF Stroke sliding adjustable sliding safety chuck is made based on standard flange and pillow mounted safety chuck. This sliding safety chuck's stroke is adjustable in...
BrandHandongTagsSKO/W flange sliding safety chuck, SKOF/SKWF foot mounted sliding safety chuck
VT6 V type exchangeable insert flange foot mounted safety chuck is a popular used VT type reel holding mouth, it is made to match with V shape pneumatic expanding shaft.For this VT...
BrandHandongTagsVT type replaceable insert safety chuck, VT mode flexible reel holding mouth safety chuck
As usually, the standard safety chuck is made with standard square holding mouth. Except it, the safety chuck's holding mouth is also can be made with replacement type. So after we...
BrandHandongTagsVT1 reel mouth changeable safety chuck, VT2 45° exchangeable insert safety chuck
As we know, safety chuck is usually hold air shaft for roller material winding and unwinding. But how this safety chuck rotating and working?Actually, no matter flange mounted safe...
BrandHandongTagsManual safety chuck with standard square mouth, φ35mm shaft end safety chuck
This safety chuck can be used to hold steel bar for roller material winding and unwinding. Except that, flange and foot mounted safety chuck are also can be worked with pneumatic expandable shaft together.
BrandHandongTagsFLO/W flange mounted safety chuck with air shaft, STO/W foot mounted high quality safety chuck
Pedestal safety chuck is also called pillow mounted safety chuck, it is fixed on the worktable stably.There are four models of it: STO/W28, STO/W35, STO/W50 and STO/W75. They are used to hold steel bar size is different.
BrandHandongTagsPIW foot mounted safety chuck, equal NIIKA pillow type safety chuck
Handong company is a professional manufacturer of safety chuck, it is made with superior quality and high performance. Our standard safety chuck can replace Boschert's very well with competitive price.
BrandHandongTagsSTO/W28 foot mounted safety chuck, STO/W35 pedestal mounted safety chuck
STO/W Foot mounted safety chuck is widely applied in winding and unwinding machine. This safety chuck is a fast connection device, used in winding and unwinding reel shaft, so as to save operator’s loading and unloading time.
BrandHandongTagsSTO/W35 pillow mounted safety chuck, air expanding shaft pedestal safety chuck
STO/W Side push pillow type safety chuck is foot mounted on the workplate by screws, it is easy and convenient for operation. It is side push for open, and closed in automatically....
BrandHandongTagsfoot mounted safety chuck, STO/W safety chuck, winding unwinding safety chuck
This safety chuck can be mounted in horizontal and vertical. Standard safety chuck is simple, practical and easy mounting, convenient, fast and safe for reel shaft loading and unloading frequently.
BrandHandongTagstype C 22-30 safety chuck, FLO/W35 flange mounted manual safety chuck
Standard flange installation safety chuck is widely applied in winding and unwinding industry. FLO/W standard flange mounted safety chuck is used to support steel bar, pneumatic expanding shaft and other square material.
BrandHandongTagsFLO/W28 flange mounted safety chuck, steel bar holding safety chuck
Flange mounted safety chuck FLO/W is one type of manual safety chuck, it is mounted on flange plate.According to its square mouth, this flange mounted safety chuck can be divided into four models: FLO/W28, FLO/W35, FLO/W50 and FLO/W75.
BrandHandongTagsFLO/W35 flange safety chuck, STO/W28 pillow mounted safety chuck
KB hot sell piston pneumatic clutch and brake unit is made by Handong company in Shanghai, China. It is made with superior quality and high performance. Body use good and famous brand ductile cast iron, good mechanical properties.
BrandHandongTagsKB-CC high torque pneumatic clutch and brake, PCCU high performance clutch and brake