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Stainless Steel BA Tube is a part of stainless steel annealing process which is conducted in atmosphere of hydrogen protection or vacuum. The thermal process technology delivers resistance to oxidation and certain brightness to surface.
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Stainlss Steel Boiler Tube is one of components for boiler that heat water to produce steam for various industries. It works on the high temperature and pressure conditions requiri...
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Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe is beneficial for their performance attributable to a combination of Austenitic and Ferrite alloys in its microstructure, achieving both excellent resis...
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Stainless steel Mechanical tube is used in machined or formed parts of industrial, automotive, farm machinery, aircraft, transportation, materials handling, and household equipment.
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U bend tube is one of components fixed to U bend heat exchangers by flow baffles or tube supports and placed in a shell to control the fluid present in the exterior of the tube assembly.
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Heat exchanger Tube is designed for heat transfer processing for heating, ventilation, cooling, condensation and evaporation of liquids, gases and steams. They are always made with...
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