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Classification: Antibiotic and antimicrobial agentsCas NO.: 13614-98-7Molecular Formula: C23H28ClN3O7Melting Point: 205-210ºC(dec)Boiling Point: 659.4°Cat760mmHgStability: nullFlash Point: 352.
BrandTianqiuTagsMINOCIN; MYNOCINE; tri-mino; Minoxycline; tri-minocycline; MINOCYCLINE HCL; minocyclinechloride; MINOCYCLINE HYDROCHLORIDE; Minocycline hydrochloride, =98%; Minocycline hydrochloride Solution, 100ppm; 7-DIMETHYLAMINO-6-DEMETHYL-6-DEOXYTETRACYCLINE, HCL; 10,12,12a-tetrahydroxy-1,11-dioxo--monohydrochloride; KlinoMycin, Minocycline chloride, MinoMycin, NSC 141993; [4S-(4alpha,4aalpha,5aalpha,12aalpha)]-4,7-Bis(dimethylamino)-1,4
Classification: Organic AcidCas NO.: 77671-22-8Molecular Formula: C2H4O2Melting Point: 16.6 deg CBoiling Point: 117.9 deg CStability: nullPurity: 98%Appearance: nullusage: FOR FOOD...
BrandTianqiuTagsACY; AcOH; HOAc; C2:0; Orlex; Vosol; Volsol; UN2790; UN2789; MeCOOH; MeCO2H; DB03166; 64-19-7; Vinegar; Aci-jel; HSDB 40; CH3CO2H; LS-2535; LS-1541; CH3-COOH; AC1L18NC; WLN: QV1; AC1Q2BPJ; Acetasol; MO 08470; Ethylate; HMDB00042; NSC406306; ethanoate; TR-022020; AI3-02394; Azijnzuur; NSC132953; CHEMBL539; CCRIS 5952; bmse000817; NSC-132953; A6283_SIAL; NSC-406306; A9967_SIAL; bmse000191; 27225_SIAL; NSC 132953; bmse000857; A89
Classification: Chemical Auxiliary AgentCas NO.: 13775-53-6Molecular Formula: AlF6Na3Melting Point: 1000°CBoiling Point: 19.5oC at 760 mmHgStability: nullRefractive index:1.338Pur...
BrandTainqiuTagsKRYOLITH; CRYOLITE, NA3ALF6; ARTIFICAL CRYOLITE; CRYOLITE, SYNTHETIC; SODIUM ALUMINUM FLUORIDE; ALUMINUM SODIUM FLUORIDE; sodiumfluoroaluminate(3-); sodiumaluminumhexafluoride; aluminumtrisodiumhexafluoride; trisodiumaluminumhexafluoride; hexafluoro-aluminate(3-trisodium; (oc-6-11)-aluminate(3-hexafluoro-trisodium; trisodium,(oc-6-11)-aluminate(3-hexafluoro-; hexafluoro-,trisodium,(OC-6-11)-Aluminate(3-); Aluminate(3-),hexaflu
Classification: Other Inorganic ChemicalsCas NO.: 7784-18-1Molecular Formula: AlF3Melting Point: 250?Boiling Point: 1291?Stability: Stable at room temperature in closed containers under normal storage and handling conditions.
BrandTianqiuTagsAluminiumfluoride1; Aluminium fluoride; Aluminiumfluoridetech; Aluminiumfluorideanhydrous; Aluminum fluoride monohydrate
Classification: OxideCas NO.: 1344-28-1Molecular Formula: Al2O3Melting Point: 2050?Boiling Point: 2980?Stability: nullFlash Point: 2980°CPurity: 99.5%Appearance: white odorless cr...
BrandTianqiuTagsA16; 24A; AL23; AA 2; AA 3; A 13; S320; LA 6; Al2O3; KHP 2; Dural; AC 11; A 13M; AA 03; AA 10; AL 41; AL 33; 202P1; AES-T; AKP-G; AC 11K; AKP 20; A 12-4; A 16UG; AF 115; AKP 53; AL 200; AC 11R; AD 998; AKP 28; A 16SG; AKP-HP; Alon C; Saffie; KA 101; Almite; Diadur; Conopal; Aloxite; Lucalox; Abrasit; DB11342; Abrarex; Alundum; RL01560; Abramax; AES 22S; AG 507C; AL 203C; 1067-2M; AA 400G; AL31-03; AKP 100; AKP 700; AL 15-2; AL
Classification: Leather Auxiliary AgentsCas NO.: 13463-67-7Molecular Formula: O2TiMelting Point: 1855?Boiling Point: 2900?Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.Refractive index:2.
BrandTianqiuTagsTIO2; E 171; TITANIA; UNITANE; Hombikat; TITAN DIOXIDE; Aeroxide? P25; Titanium Oxide; PIGMENT WHITE 6; Titania nanowires; TITANIUM(+4)OXIDE; TITANIC ANHYDRIDE; Titania nanofibers; Titanium (IV) dioxide; Titanium Dioxide Anatase; Titanium Dioxide modified; =99.5% trace Metals basis; TITANIUM DIOXIDE, ANATASE; Titanium dioxide nanofibers; HoMbikat catalyst grade (for rearrangeMent reactions); TitaniuM(IV) oxide nanopowder, 21 n