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YTD83 Series Pleated Filter CartridgeProduct Description of Pleated High Flow Filter CartridgeYTD83 Series—Pleated membrane cartridge high throughput filter cartridge has a vari...
BrandYitongTagsYTD83 Series Pleated Filter Cartridge
Coalescence Filter CartridgeDescription of Filtration CartridgeDroplets of oil, water and other liquids are captured by the microfibers inside the coalescer. These micron-sized fib...
BrandYitongTagsCoalescence Filter Cartridge
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner FilterProduct performance of Dust Removal Filter Cartridge:1. Adopting high-efficiency film-coated polyester fibers, the filtration efficiency is high.2. ...
BrandYitongTagsIndustrial Vacuum Cleaner Filter
The filter cartridge is a kind of cylindrical element used for filtering. It is generally divided into two types: the filter cartridge used for filtering gas medium and the filter cartridge used for filtering liquid medium.
BrandYitongTagsDust Filter Element
Bag Filter CartridgeProduct Description of Top Entry Bag Filter1. Surface finishFinish typeMechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, sand blasting,picklingPolishing precisionInner surface Ra≦0.
BrandYitongTagsBag Filter Cartridge
Industrial single cartridge filter housing adopts the integrated casting top structure. Based on top in/out design, with the adaptor, it can be directly connected to the pipeline.T...
BrandYitongTagsLiquid Filter Housing
Stainless Steel Mesh Pleated Filter CartridgeProduct DescriptionYTZSJ Series SS wire mesh sintered filter cartridge is made of multi-layers of 316L or 304 SS filtering mesh. It has...
BrandYitongTagsStainless Steel Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridge
Stainless Steel Mesh Sintered Filter CartridgeProduct DescriptionYTZSS Series SS wire mesh Sintered filter cartridge is made by SS wire mesh, after overlaying and vacuum sintering, it has larger filtration area.
BrandYitongTagsStainless Steel Mesh Sintered Filter Cartridge
YTSS Series filter cartridge use 316L stainless steel as raw material. After powder classification, forming, sintering, welding, etc., procedure, filtration Cartridge becomes a new type of efficient porous filtration material.
BrandYitongTagsStainless Steel Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge
Titanium Powder Sintered Filter CartridgeProduct DescriptionYTTi Series filter cartridge use Titanium powder as raw material. After powder classification, forming, sintering, welding, etc.
BrandYitongTagsTitanium Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge
PVDF Filter CartridgeHigh-precision single-layer hydrophilic PVDF filter membrane developed by Deyizhou Company is adopted in the product as filter media. The product is produced by overall structure sweat welding.
BrandYitongTagsPVDF Filter Cartridge
PP Pleated Filter CartridgeAdvanced process and the newest designYITONG Polypropylene filter cartridges adopts micro Polypropylene as main membrane material, has more tha...
BrandYitongTagsPP Pleated Filter Cartridge
PTFE Filter CartridgeProduct Description of Filtration ElementYTPTFE Series PTFE filter cartridge adopts PTFE filter membrane as filtration medium. No need to soak wet, can filter directly.
BrandYitongTagsPTFE Filter Cartridge
Nylon66 Filter CartridgeProduct Description of Micron Pleated Filter CatridgeUsing nylon (N6 / N66) micro-filtration membrane as filter medium, has high filtration precision, hydr...
BrandYitongTagsNylon66 Filter Cartridge
Sterilization PES Filter CartridgeDescription of filtration Element:YTPES Series PES Filter Membrane Cartridge choose PES membrane which imported from abroad as filtration medium. ...
BrandYitongTagsSterilization PES Filter Cartridge